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Jeremy Clarkson Applies For Further Expansion At Diddly Squat Farm Despite Police Pressure

Jeremy Clarkson of Grand Tour fame has submitted yet another application to build on his land at Diddly Squat Farm, his farmland made famous by the highly praised Amazon show, Clarkson’s Farm.

Last January, an application for the presenter to build a large car park alongside a new restaurant was rejected by the local council, but now he’s trying once again with an application to build a car park with new entry and exit points on the Chipping Norton Road as well as a storage compound for the farming business.

As we reported yesterday, the local Thames Valley Police’s crime prevention design advisor Kevin Cox said that this application hasn’t taken into account the fact the “potential for crime and disorder” on the site, urging Clarkson to add more security to his plans to bring to a halt “safety issues and disruption and a subsequent demand on police resourcing as seen previously”.

Jeremy wrote at the time of the first application being rejected that “of course, eventually, this unholy mess will all be untangled and the decision will be overturned.” But with the council looking to stand firm. on the matter, we can only cross our fingers that Jeremy will be able to expand his business as he sees fit, especially with the public around the farm complaining about the added traffic and on-road parking by fans.

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