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Jeremy Clarkson Asked To Apologise After Apparently Racist Joke Made Years Ago

Jeremy Clarkson is known to poke the bear when it comes to his TV career. Especially during the days of Top Gear, Jeremy and his fellow presenters Richard Hammond and James May would often get close to the line with their joke aimed at cultures, people, and, well, anything that took their fancy. One joke, made by Clarkson, involved Barack Obama and the creation of his name.

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When talk show host Jay Leno joined Top Gear as a celebrity guest, Jeremy began his interview by asking about Barack Obama, or “Obama Barack” as Jeremy calls him. “If people are going to choose their names from scrabble tiles…” he says as he breaks off into laughter. 

Jay continued to talk about what it was like having Obama on his show and as you’d expect it was a very funny description from the experienced host. But now an apparent fan of Jeremy’s has asked him to apologise for the comment he made on Twitter.

Replying to a tweet by Jeremy about F1 stewards ruining the sport, the fan said the following:

“It’s not real racing to push someone off the track otherwise nobody will ever try to go around the outside Lando was in the wrong,” they wrote.

Clarkson was quick to respond simply: 

“Bulls**t. @LandoNorris is a megastar,” he typed.

But the Twitter user wasn’t done there.

While they had Clarkson responding to their tweets, they thought they’d ask about this apparently ‘racist’ moment.

“While I have your attention it hurt my feelings at the age of 14 when you made fun of Barack Obama’s name for being invented on a scrabble board. Apologise to black and brown kids with unique foreign names sir?”

Jeremy replied simply yet again:

“Diddums,” he posted.

We find it completely ridiculous that someone would bring up something so small from over ten years ago. Thankfully, Clarkson responded with a hilarious reply which spurred on other fans to do the same. Here are our favourites:

Think this is really necessary? Let us know.

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