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Jeremy Clarkson Attracting More Criticsm after The Grand Tour Studio Bit

It looks like Jeremy Clarkson can’t go a single episode of The Grand Tour without causing some kind of a stir. The leader presenter of Amazon’s hottest show is in trouble again for what some are calling “tasteless” humor.

It looks like during Episode 3 of The Grand Tour Jeremy’s self-driving car bit has already gotten him into hot water with yet another group. Migrant charity groups have called the bit where he had a Romanian pedal him around the shows set a “tasteless” stunt.


Filmed in the trio’s hometown of where the trio grew up, as Jeremy Clarkson put it, in Whitby, North Yorks, the segment in question had Jeremy discussing how he had bested Google and their attempts to make a smart, self-driving car. Jeremy went on to reveal how he had invented his own self-driving, voice activated car and how it had taken him no time at all.

It turned out that his “car” was nothing more than a septic tank which had been cut in half and retro-fitted with basic bicycle parts and it was powered by a Romanian man. Richard Hammond remarked after Clarkson had opened up the “cars” hood, “Oh God. There’s a man in there.”


This is the second time this season that Clarkson has been accused of being less than sensitive to a group of people during The Grand Tour. Clarkson, however, defended himself on the show saying that,

“I am providing employment for newcomers to our country.

“Google use electronics to take away the work of a man – this gives him a job, this gives him dignity.”

Clarkson closes by saying: “British engineering ladies and gentleman – with Romanian parts.”


While based on the past controversies this season, it looks like not much of anything will come about from this, but it will be interesting to see what other kinds of trouble Clarkson can get into over the remaining episodes.

What do you think? Are people just being overly sensitive in regards to Clarkson’s comments or has he stepped over the line?

Let us know in the comments!


Source: The Sun

Nick Dunlap

Nick is a lifelong automotive enthusiast, as well as journalist, and content creator. Nick also successful competes in a variety of automotive fields including national level car shows, autocross, SCCA races, and more. He enjoys designing and building a variety of cars and helping others do the same with theirs.

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  1. I’m German and I always had a good laugh about Jeremy’s anti-German jokes in the past on Top Gear. That he’s picking on other people now, well, you don’t have to watch the show if you don’t like it. Or you’ll take the show and Jeremy’s jokes not too seriously and just as what it is, entertainment.

    What I thought was wrong about this particular joke is that after the Brexit, there won’t be any Romanians in the country to power the car. Jeremy will eventually have to settle for Welsh or Scottish drivers or abandon his project.

  2. Hello
    I am Romanian and I am writing you from Romania, I would like to emphasize that I have never been in UK, in my Romanian opinion is not fair to judge an entire nation just taking into consideration some crazy guys which are doing bad thinks in UK, you have also yours, trust me, you know better, judge a nation taking into consideration those ones which are living in Romania, those ones which helped Romanian economy to become this year the first economy in Europe, judge us because we gave to human kind the jet engine, because we invented insulin and we saved also UKs diabetics, we have put the bases for Cybernetics also for cholera vaccine and more other, Google can help you and buy the way, if are you going to open Google, read how gypsies came in Europe, it would be very help full for you in order to understand our nation, furthermore, try to understand why your UK economy have lost Land-Rover and Jaguar to the detriment of TATA Motors or why BMW purchased RR and MINI and the examples can continue.
    My humble advise is to not trust in crazy guys because you can see also the effect of BREXIT.
    With all my respect to all UK’s…Ciprian from Romania

    1. Clarkson’s wit is a wide open form of seemingly derogatory humor that the tiny brains find offensive when in fact it’s completely devoid of racism. Kind of like Chris Rock isn’t racist. Just look at the diverse crowds at the GT events. They get it.

  3. Romanian expat here.

    Honestly, I’ve found it funny, that’s all. Jeremy Clarkson insulted / made fun of virtually every ethnic group in the world, not to mention celebrities and politicians. As someone who used to live in London, I know that Romanians are treated just like everyone else and that no discrimination is made. If this was on another show, it may have shown bias, but with this host, it is just business as usual.

  4. Yes it’s a joke and it’s funny but… Imagine you are in a classroom and some popular kids are always making jokes about the poor kid in the classroom. Then they make fun of the fat guy and the gay guy. Even if it is funny, it’s not ok to agree and encourage it.

  5. Hey if you’re offended by the show, don’t watch it. Nobody is making you, nobody cares you’re offended. Don’t try to make the show fit your humor.

    1. So many people offended by this article. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Wasn’t the headline sufficient clue for you? The things people let themselves get upset about. Honestly.

  6. Romanian here…

    I don’t get why anyone would be offended? If you do get offended by something like this then you need to grow a pair.

  7. Guess what? You’re being too sensitive for writing an article like this. Go in, try to stoke a fire with people. In offended that you write about Jeremy Clarkson and not about the guy in 3rs grade who said my teacher and all teachers smell gross. He was an insensitive prick, those teachers lives will never be the same. Get a grip, and stop writing about this crap, because it obviously shows that the authors of these articles are just as stupidly sensitive as the people who also complain about this crap. At least, yea, at least you allow for comments for people to call you on on this shit… Unlike others who write an article bashing Clarkson, and don’t leave any opportunity for people to call the author out on being wrong and overly sensitive. Pretty soon. There will be no jokes in the world at all, because people will get offended when I use the term ”people,” because I didn’t include “pre-transgender,” people who don’t know they’re transgender yet… Because eventually when they do find out they’re transgender, they will be offended in the past.

    1. Possibly one of the best replies to this ‘I’m offended’ bs I’ve read yet.
      Nice one.

  8. Ppl are getting more and more sensitive with this kind of things yet ignore the bigger problem. Wait…probably Amazon orchestrated this complaints in the first place? Genius!

  9. Well, these shows ARE powered by humourless British “we’re way better than anyone else” type of fish&chips snorters, so I guess a car powered by someone about whom the host makes remarks fit only for a modern slave should not such a big deal to anyone. Because to these Brit gods – just look at Clarkson’s Olympian figure – it sure isn’t.

      1. Again with the brilliant British humor. It was a British bee, don’t worry, the best in the whole world. It’s always funny when you’re on the side of the Joker, you smug pieces of…

  10. People all over the world need to lighten up and grow some thicker skin. Clarkson skit was not in poor taste as is he calling all Americans fat! Clarkson picks on everyone, including his co-presenters, May & Hammond! Clarkson makes fun 0f himself most of all! If you can’t handle laughing at yourself maybe you should just not watch The Grand Tour? of coúrse then what would you have to complain about, you may be forced to spend time and effort on something that really matters!

  11. These days everybody and everybody spends waaaayyy too much time worried about being offended or offending somebody. Political correctness has been taken a bit too far. And what a colossal waste of time anyway. Why would anyone watch just to see if they’re going to be offended? Jeeze haven’t you anything better to do? Try being useful, the Peace Corps are always looking for volunteers.

  12. I completely agree with the two lads above. This new “P. C.” rubbish where only certain groups are allowed to be made fun of while others are taboo is in itself not very P. C. What a boring world we’d live in if no one was ever allowed to rib one another for fear of offense. I’d also like to point out that Jeremy slags the Brits far more than anyone else. Learn to take a joke or don’t watch.

  13. I love how people brought to a country without the blessing of it’s people can try to kill them, and the twits on the left says be compassionate. Make a joke about them and you are the devil.

  14. People need to grow up, it’s a comedy show and there is almost no group he’s picked on. By the way Mr. Dunlap, did you mean lead presenter? You wrote leader presenter, which sounds “insulting” to presenters.

  15. Way too many people criticise far too easy these days, we all have a sense of humour, well some of us do, what the GT team are doing is called entertaining. If you don’t like it every TV has an off button or can change to emmerdale if you wish, leave people that can laugh alone, we like it so the PC brigade just sod off and leave us alone.

  16. You can’t go though life being offended at every little thing. Wot ever happened to sticks and stones will break you’re bones, but words will never hurt you. GROW UP FOR F*** SAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I agree with the reply above. People are getting too overly sensitive these days. It was just a joke. I took it as an old Pollock joke. People still tell them, but do you see the Polish people up in arms about it. People do redneck jokes and you don’t see white American people protesting to stop them. They are just jokes.

  18. The whole point with Jezza is his old fashioned British racial remarks. They still show Dad’s Army and Fawlty Towers reruns doubt they? He’s an institution and we love him for it.

  19. Can’t people just leave Clarkson alone . He speaks his mind and tells the truth and truth scares people he is entertaining and very knowledgeable and not just about cars. Please just let him get on with his life and do what he does best.

  20. For F**ks sake, really, grow up people!!! It’s called a joke!!! If you can’t take it, don’t watch it!!! I am a ginger shortass, how many times could I have been offended, thousands, how many times have I? None I have a brain and understand how people use the English language.

  21. You don’t see southerners complain about the test driver and other south related humor, that’s because we can laugh at ourselves and were not little babies. Stop watching the show looking for something to be offended about.

  22. I cant believe that these people are up in arms over this..its a joke, its humor and obviously the man in the tank didn’t feel to bad cause I bet he got paid to be a part of that show. They are there having fun folks grow up….Thats why they are successful they have humor and know how to use it. I tired of the cry babies. Don’t watch the show if you get offended easy.

  23. He only says what people think. Bloody funny I think but then I’m outdated at 37 by having a sence of humor. Carry on Jezza. Fine Fine work. Bravo

  24. To all those offended, I say, “RUBBISH.” This Yank has always wanted to use the word, “rubbish” in a post. My life’s dream has now been accomplished. It’s humor . . . Don’t have such a tight sphincter, laugh a little and enjoy the bit.

  25. What makes Jeremy funny is what makes South Park funny – he can make fun of everybody and he doesn’t leave anybody out. Years ago on Top Gear, the trio went through the South where I was proudly born and still a resident. They poked at every offensive hillbilly stereotype like we’re a bunch of crap-throwing monkeys. I laughed, because at some level, a few of those offensive things were true. People need to learn to let things go…don’t take things so personal! Grow a thicker skin.

    1. I’m a Romanian in the UK.
      I thought it was hilarious. And the way he said backwards in Romanian made me laugh.

  26. It’s called humor for a reason people! It’s not meant to be taken seriously. Both GT and TG have made jokes about America and Americans. I’m a proud American and not one of those jokes has ever offended me. Some of them are funny, some of them are lame but not a single one was offensive. You see, I have a sense of humor and enough intelligence to recognize a joke.

  27. If you don’t like what comes out of Jeremy’s mouth, you can unsubscribe from Amazon Prime. I doubt he’ll change.

  28. This world needs a thousand Jeremy Clarksons who will needle those hyper sensitive jerks to death and restore comedic balance to the world. If you can’t take a harmless joke, then you’re already dead inside.

  29. Bunch of babies. Im american, they crack on americans ALL the time. You dont hear us complaining… they need to grow up and quit being so damned sensitive.

  30. Well here is another waste of my time by a media that endorses PC police and PC insanity. Get a life- its humor. Find something important to write about. Jeremy, Richard, and James are great !

  31. What a load of crap. People need to get over themselves, and stop getting offended over nothing. Whiners, professional victims is all these people are.

  32. if you were offended i can i understand and you have right to do so, but it’s a comedy show. they selling jokes for living. anyway i think Jeremy got his point, people migrate to make living, job give them dignity.

  33. Any more, people seem to go out of their way to take offense at anything. Rampant, rabid political correctness gone off the rails is what it is. There is a difference between humor and being mean, and people that can’t tell the difference are either whiny little pukes or idiots.

    In keeping with the season, Merry Christmas!

  34. I’m waiting for Jeremy complaining that Jeremy makes fun of him. Oh wait, he isn’t a whiney baby. All these “insults” used to be called humor. The target audience isn’t kale chewing hipsters but grumpy middle aged men like myself. If you don’t like it, don’t watch.

  35. I guess the “American” Stig should be offensive to Americans since they portray him as a a babbling angry red neck. If you don’t see the humor, don’t watch. I can find offensive humor in almost every sitcom out there. Let’s let the trio provide good comic relief without taking everything to heart.

  36. Clarkson is going to be Clarkson. It’s why people love him so much. He says exactly what people are thinking anyways many times. If you try and change him you will loose many, many viewers. That would be like asking James May not to call Richard Hammond creative British names like pillock and tosser…Or get lost in a roundabout. It just wouldn’t be James May anymore.

  37. “British engineering ladies and gentleman – with Romanian parts.”

    God I love this show

  38. Am I missing something here? Maybe I need to become overly sensitive as well so I too can be critical. What’s next? Oh yes, let me see. Jeremy, the red-neck American test driver isn’t the Stig. I’m offended! Oh yes, and he is an American. So am I.Oh my.

    For the love of Mike people get a grip. Jeremy, Richard and James, you boys are doing a great job! Welcome BACK! For those who are offended I say, “bugger off!”

    Anyway, Merry Christmas to all and to all a GT night!” Wait a second. Is that offensive?

    1. There’s a fine line between making a joke and making fun of a nation, just because you say something offensive doesn’t make it any less funny, just look at Jimmy Carr, most of what comes out of his mouth can be taken offence to but he makes them as jokes, you know..with punchlines and are actually funny.
      But as far as Jeremy’s “humour” goes, it’s not the first time he says something retarded, this is just in poor taste “Hey look everyone, a romanian in a septic tank, this gives him dignity”

  39. People over reacting as usual as soon as anything to do with migrants or minority groups are mentioned. Everyone knows what Clarkson is like and if they are easily offended then there’s a very simple solution to it all……..pick up the remote and switch channels.

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