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Jeremy Clarkson Blasts Journalist As She Slanders His Daughter, Emily Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson has taken to Twitter to defend his daughter Emily after a journalist from the Daily Mail slandered her in a recent article.

Emily Prescott, the Diary Editor for Mail on Sunday, was tagged in a tweet by The Grand Tour presenter after she wrote an article about George Osborne’s daughter, but towards the end of the article, she quickly changes the subject of the article and slanders Emily.

“Her dad Jeremy is famous for his Diddly Squat Farm, but Emily Clarkson is courting infamy for knowing diddly squat about world affairs,” she begins.

She continues to target Emily in a sarcastic manner, quoting something she said in regards to the pressures she felt as a social media influencer and comparing these pressures to what the people of Ukraine are feeling. Obviously, this is complete tripe. I’m surprised that someone watching Emily’s career, which focuses on women’s rights and how women should rightly be supported by other women, she doesn’t do such things herself.

Jeremy posted this to Twitter:

“So, @EmilyPrescott30. Your piece in the Mail about my daughter: either you wilfully got the wrong end of the stick, which means you’re a shit journalist. Or you’re an idiot.”

Fans were quick to agree and voice their support for Jeremy as he defended his daughter as the tweet racked up 17,500 likes in a matter of hours.

Emily also shared a screenshot of the article on her Instagram, which focuses on female empowerment, with the following caption:

“I wanna be funny and pithy about this but this has really hurt me and I wanna share it because I think it’s important to see how the media works.”

Again, fans flocked to support her with one saying:

“They would neverrrrrr write this about a “male influencer” or any man with a platform. Absolute garbage. The double standards are loud. You’re brilliant Em.”

Another added: “I’m sorry, Em. Your video was spot on and correct and she has deliberately misrepresented what you said. Livid on your behalf.”

Alex Harrington

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