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Jeremy Clarkson Branded “Racist” Over Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Controversy

Yesterday, Grand Tour Nation reported that viewers of the ITV quiz show Who Wants To Be A Milloinaire? were lashing out at host Jeremy Clarkson, when they deemed him to be rude while questioning the contestant, Ronke Fadipe. But now some viewers are taking it to the next level, branding The Grand Tour host as a “racist”.

The comments made by Clarkson to Ronke Fadipe were, in our opinion, minimal, and inline with what we’d expect from the ex-Top Gear host’s style of humour. In no way did we see this as racist. Instead, we saw this as a humourous way to ensure they keep to their tight filming schedule. And with Fadipe deep in thought about her answers, Clarkson was filling empty space that, let’s face it, wouldn’t be great TV if he kept quiet. This is, after all, one of the uses of the host.

Viewers of the show have taken to Twitter to voice their thoughts:

One viewer even called the producers behind the show racist, as he deemed a question to be too difficult for one contestant:

Of course, other viewers who disagreed were quick to come to support Clarkson with such a dangerous word being thrown around.

The moment that brought this rage from viewers began with Ronke struggling with a question on US politics, specifically, what Hillary Clinton’s role was from 2009 until 2013. She didn’t know the answer, so opted for her ‘Phone a Friend’ lifeline. This didn’t bear fruits as she followed up with, “I’m really not sure”.

Jeremy interrupted in a sarcastic manner: “Really? Could have fooled me.” After more time, she admitted she’d “leave it here”.

Jeremy, who was checking his nails throughout this, continued:

“Is that your final answer, or is that going to take 20 minutes to work out as well?”

She flinched, so he continues: “Yes it is…”

“I just want one final time to [go through it],” Ronke adds.

“That’s fine,” Jeremy answered, adding jokingly: “Anyone got a chess set on them?”

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  1. I see nothing racist or rudeness just Jeremy bring himself which as a presenter he is great would like to see him but living in the USA we don’t receive it

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