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Jeremy Clarkson Builds A Mercedes Land Rover Sports Car On The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour episode Berks To The Future saw one of the greatest creations yet from presenter Jeremy Clarkson yet. It was a vehicle never seen before that erased the line between sports car and SUV, moulding the two into one of the greatest vehicles to ever drive the Earth. 

It was named The Excellent, and while it started life as an MGB sat atop Land Rover Discover running gear, it soon evolved into a Mercedes SL… still on top of Land Rover Discover running gear. 

Clarkson was incredibly pleased with what he’d created, especially as the MGB version, named the MGD, was flawed in the sense that it had very little creature comforts in the cabin and the MGB part of the design kept falling off. The Excellent looked like a leap into the future in comparison. 

Richard Hammond and James May weren’t too bothered by it, calling it “rubbish” and saying that they’d still rather own a Porsche Cayman, so Clarkson decided to prove his concept by putting it up for auction at Coy’s Auctions

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It went on with a reserve of £100,000 – a six-figure sum that Clarkson expected the car to easily surpass when the bidding war started. Unfortunately, it barely got to £4,000, and that was with Clarkson bidding himself. 

It was, as you’d expect, a failure. But to this day remains one of the most memorable cars from The Grand Tour yet. We’ve put it in our list of the worst modifications from The Grand Tour. To see what else is on that list, click the big button below!

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Clarkson loved The Excellent so much, he’s still driving it on his farm, Diddly Squat. You can still go and see it if you visit the farm.

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