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Jeremy Clarkson Buys A New Lamborghini For His Farm

You would expect as the worlds greatest on screen automotive icon, Jeremy Clarkson, would be locking down with some pretty incredible cars on his farm in Chipping Norton, UK. The answer to be honest is no. What if I told you he was rocking with a Vauxhall Corsa, a Mini Electric and a Lamborghini?

Now if you’re thinking he’s crashing round his farm in a brand new Lamborghini Huracan EVO RWD Spyder then I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. What about the Lamborghini Urus? That would be a much better decision to his new farm life, but again no. Clarkson has gone and got himself something even better, a Lamborghini tractor.

You are not mistaken and yes you can get a Lamborghini tractor. For the unaware, Lamborghini actually started life out as a tractor maker. The story goes that Lamborghini founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, as a Ferrari owner found himself to be so disappointed by his experience with the Italian brand that he decided to give it a go himself – and thus, Lamborghini was born.

So yes, you can still buy Lamborghini tractors but truth be told, they aren’t produced by the Italian supercar giant as the Lamborghini tractor rights were sold off in the seventies.

Jeremy Clarkson has been chronicling his farming exploits alongside his girlfriend, Lisa Hogan, in the Sunday Times and will also have a docuseries coming out on Amazon Prime called ‘I Bought The Farm‘ coming out at some point in the future.

Anyway, back to the Lambo tractor – in one of his articles with the Sunday Times, Clarkson went into a bit more detail on owning a tractor Lamborghini:

“Today they’re made in Germany but they still look Lambo-mad. If an Aventador were to make love to a spaceship, this is what you’d end up with.”

Jeremy goes on to explain that other farmer types who’ve seen his Italian tractor tend to tell him it’s too impractical:

“Every single farmer type who’s seen it says the same thing. ‘That,’ they intone with a rural tug on the flat cap, ‘is too big.’ But in my mind tractors are like penises. They cannot be too big.”

And from the sounds of it, his Lambo is VERY big as Clarkson had to build a brand new barn house to keep it as well as a new driveway as it wouldn’t fit through the gates.

However, Clarkson can’t deny the thing probably is a bit impractical with its straight-six turbodiesel engine playing havoc when trying to tow anything:

“Not that I can attach anything to its rear end. It’s all heavy engineering back there and I just know that if I tried, you’d be reading about yet another farmer walking for four miles across his fields with his severed arm in a bag.”

Clarkson went on to explain how complicated a Lamborghini tractor is to drive:

“There are, I’m told, 48 gears forward and reverse. Happily, there are only two brake pedals and two throttles. But I did count 164 buttons before I opened the arm rest and found 24 more. None of them is labelled, which is a worry as all of them are designed to engage stuff that will tear off one of my arms.”

Due to this, he’s had to hire someone to risk their limbs for him, which will have ended up costing him a fair bit more than the original £40,000 he paid for it.

However, as a man who’s living is to travel the world testing the wildest cars that money can buy, Jeremy does appreciate the simplistic lifestyle that owning a farm can have – especially for a man as busy as Clarkson:

“When I’m trundling along and the air-conditioning is on and there’s a constant dribble of socialism coming from Radio 4, I confess I start to understand why Forrest Gump was happy, after all his adventures, to end up on a tractor mowing the school football field.”

As someone who has lived a very exciting and adrenaline fuelled life, Jeremy clearly enjoys the little things his new farm life brings him:

“It’s not nursing or doctoring, I understand that, but growing bread and beer and vegetable oil is somehow a damn sight more rewarding than driving round corners while shouting.”

We hope the lockdown is the farming holiday that Jeremy needs before he’s ready to get back behind the wheel of a few supercars for our viewing pleasure. To view the Lamborghini tractor in all it’s glory, be sure to check it out over at ‘Jeremy Clarkson Has Bought A New Lamborghini (Tractor)’ by The Sunday Times.

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