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Jeremy Clarkson Calls For BBC To Cut Radio 1 In Brutal Comment

Jeremy Clarkson, alongside Richard Hammond and James May have recently come under fire for an ever slipping release date of The Grand Tour, with it initially looking as though it would be released earlier this month. Now, however, the team’s PR has now confirmed that while the episode is “coming later this year”, with no additional information.

So, moving this fire from himself to something else entirely, Clarkson has now made a slashing comment to the BBC saying that they should cut Radio 1, a popular British radio channel owned by the BBC. He aimed these comments specifically at new director-general of the BBC, Tim Davie in his latest column.

Jeremy Clarkson

“[He’s] got to stop his populist tubthumping and start addressing the real problem with the BBC.

“The fact that everyone under the age of 200 is forced to pay for something they hardly ever watch.”

He’s referring to the TV license that people in the UK are forced to pay each year if they watch TV. This pays for the BBC programming.

He continued: “Oh sure, they’ve tried to make it ‘yoof’ friendly by putting stuff on ‘apps’ and speaking ‘street’ but what’s the point of being down with the kids when the entire audience is sitting in a Shackletons wingback, wondering whether Werther’s Original tasted better in the War?”

To lower expenses, Jeremy continues to advise that they should sell off Radio 1, 2, and 3, which are all BBC owned.

“That’d bring in a chunk of change. Then save a fortune by closing down all local radio.

“Nobody watches TV like that any more. We decide what we’d like to see and then we stab away on our 43 different remotes until we find it,” he said.

He continues to say that he would merge all three BBC channels with Channel 4 to make only “high quality” programming, which would then be shown on iPlayer.

“The BBC would then become the UK’s equivalent of Amazon and Netflix.

“Would we still pay for that through a licence fee? Well, if it was significantly less than we pay now — and without afternoon TV and all that radio nonsense it would be — then I think the answer is yes.”

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