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Jeremy Clarkson Calls Out Useless Cycle Lanes And London Mayor In Recent Instagram Post

It’s no secret that Jeremy Clarkson isn’t a fan of cycle lanes. Or cyclists at all, for that matter. But in a recent video posted to his Instagram account, The Grand Tour presenter has highlighted the pathetic organisation of London’s planning team.

Clarkson, who was recently filming in Scotland with the rest of The Grand Tour team, has always had an issue with cyclists and cycle lanes. A video filmed by DriveTribe illustrates this perfectly (see below).

“These are trees that the mayor of London wanted to pull down, to make way for a cycle lane. Well, he can F**k off,” Jeremy explains. “The man is deranged!” he shouts at the camera.

This rant to the camera highlights Jeremy’s distaste in the London planners’ ideas behind pushing for more cycle lanes, and his recent Instagram post only fuels his hatred of how the roads are being managed in regards to this.

In the recent video (below), he hangs out the window recording an incident where a bus driver, on a diverted route, hasn’t been able to make a corner thanks to a bus lane. This resulted in damage to the road and its surroundings, and a huge backlog of traffic.

Moments after his first post on the subject, he followed up his argument with a photo of the traffic created by this lack of organisation.

“@mayorofldn”, he writes, tagging the Maor or London in his post, “this is what your idiotic cycle lanes are creating. Just quietly resign. Go away. Open a shop in Harrogate. Be gone.”

His fans rally to back up the ex-Top Gear presenter with one saying the following: “Cut down on CO2 they said. It would work, they said. Cycle lanes and big cities just don’t work together.”

Another added: “Jeremy Clarkson for prime minister?”

Should we start another ‘Clarkson for Prime Minister’ petition again? I think that could be a lot of fun. Unlike sitting in London traffic.

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