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Jeremy Clarkson Cancelled New Year Plans After COVID Outbreak In His Home

Jeremy Clarkson had plans to host a 100-person New Year’s party at his newly built home in the Cotswolds, but this was soon canceled by the Clarkson’s Farm presenter after his partner Lisa Hogan’s eldest daughter tested positive for COVID-19.

Jeremy talked about what happened in a column, telling fans that he was hoping he would end 2021 with a bang after a year of lockdown “loneliness”. But the introduction of possible COVID transfer meant the party had to be canceled last minute, especially as Jeremy admits that he had other friends who were infected, too.

So, instead of the party, the Grand Tour presenter settled down to a quiet night of a poached egg and a glass of sherry to bring in the new year.

“After the loneliness of lockdown 12 months ago, I was determined to get into my drinking trousers and let rip,” Jeremy wrote.

“Within days I had 100 people who said they’d come. Great. But then Omicron got its running shoes out, so within a couple of days, it was 70. Then it was 12. And then it was five.”

Despite this, he was adamant that he wanted to carry on with his plans, writing:

“‘No matter,’ I thought. ‘More sausage rolls for everyone.'”

But then Lisa Hogan’s daughter became infected, slamming on the brakes further.

Jeremy Clarkson stood next to Lisa Hogan

“Nope. Poached egg and sherry, because then my partner’s eldest daughter tested positive, which meant we had to paint a plague cross on the door and not let anyone in.”

He attempted to save the situation, asking a friend of his if she could host instead. But as they were planning to test before the party, this introduced yet another issue.

“That wasn’t possible because every shop within 100 miles had sold out,” Jeremy wrote about the lateral flow tests which were readily available before the lead up to Christmas.

“Just when all seemed lost, I got a call from another mate saying she was having a do at her place. Excellent.”

He quickly followed up: “I booked a taxi immediately… and then cancelled it even more immediately because she went down as well.”

He finished up his column by reflecting on the UK’s current COVID situation, admitting that he believes the figures are “completely wrong” thanks to people not telling anyone they’ve got it.

In the week ending December 23, it was estimated that 2.3 million people had caught COVID-19 according to the Office for National Statistics.

Jeremy himself caught COVID the previous Christmas, but has since recovered.

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