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Jeremy Clarkson Causes Anger With Meat Loaf Fans After Snide Comment Is Uncovered

Jeremy Clarkson has caused a stir with fans of the singer Meat Loaf who passed away last Thursday at the age of 74. After posting a very short tribute to the fallen singer, fans of the Bat Out Of Hell singer uncovered a comment made by Jeremy during his time on Top Gear.

Jeremy’s tribute to the singer was short and sweet:

“I liked Meat Loaf.”

But after he posted this to Twitter, other Twitter users dug out a clip of The Grand Tour presenter calling Meat Loaf a “fat oaf”.

The clip begins with Jeremy saying the following:

“Now as you know we are on a quest to find the greatest driving song, and for the last few weeks people have been emailing us with their nominations.”

After a brief interjection from Richard Hammond about the rules of judging the audience’s “beset driving song”, Jeremy continues:

“It is very, very important that you do get voting because this is the chart so far: ACDC, Motorhead, Golden Earring, Queen, Steppenwolf…”

Richard jokes that their viewers consist of “black T-shirts and long hair” before Jeremy shows his shock at who was currently at the top of the charts.

“It’s unbelievable! And there are a few great driving songs in there… But look what’s at number one! Please! Meat Loaf! Bat Out Of Hell?

“If you want us to stand in front of the world and say that the best ever driving song is a fat man or the ‘wolf with the red roses’…”

Later in the episode, Bat Out Of Hell finished at number 5 in Top Gear’s chart, and Jeremy wasn’t pleased:

“Now, we know how many people voted for the fat oaf. More importantly, we know where you live.”

Despite this response from Clarkson, Richard quickly made the audience aware that the Sun’s current free CD that came with the paper was Clarkson Rocks, consisting f a number of his favourite songs. Sat as track 2 was Meat Loaf’s Bat Out Of Hell

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