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Jeremy Clarkson Changes Name To Jeremy Clarks-Ohm Embracing EV Future Following VW Name Change

It’s been reported that Jeremy Clarkson has changed his name to focus his personal branding on the all-electric future. This comes mere days after Volkswagen of America released a press release noting its name change to Voltswagen, reflecting its huge investment into EVs.

Clarkson, who has notably been against EVs in the past on his shows Top Gear and The Grand Tour, told us the following:

“Look, it’s clear that the world is changing, and if myself, the Hamster, and Captain Slow are to continue to receive a healthy budget for The Grand Tour’s next episode, we need to move with the times.

“With the next episode coming around 2035, most of the cars on the road are going to be EVs anyway, so I’ve made the decision to change my name to Jeremy Clarks-Ohm.”

He explained to Grand Tour Nation that for a long time, his feelings regarding EVs have changed, and when he’s captured on film shouting “POWAA”, he’s in fact asking the manufacturer to embrace electricity. James May weighed in on this revelation:

“I’ve been telling Clarkson to get an electric car for about a year, actually.

“I bought my Model S last year and I’ve loved it, but Clarkson is always slow to adopt new technology – ironic really. Maybe he should be nicknamed Captain Slow?”

Richard Hammond sent us a video of his reaction, but while his intentions were good, it was a little short.

Clarks-Ohm’s name change will officially take place today, April 1st, before 12pm.

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