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Jeremy Clarkson Claims He Made Big ‘Accidental’ Purchase Amidst Money Woes

Jeremy Clarkson has been very open with the difficulties the farming community face and has shown an honest insight into this on Clarkson’s Farm, something that has received a lot of praise from the industry.

At a recent press conference, The Grand Tour host explained the financial struggles for farmers. He said, referring to his hosting job for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire:

“I tell you what though, I’m thinking this year, due to the poor state of affairs for farmers in this country, I should be sitting on the other chair trying to win some money.

“I love quiz shows, always have done – Mastermind, Pointless – and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire obviously was the king of them all.

“So when the opportunity presented itself, I loved to do it,”

When quizzed on what the future looks like for Clarkson and if he will continue with the farming permanently, the former Top Gear host explained:

“No, no, I like variety! I was doing cows at six this morning and now I’m here, so it’s lovely to have a variety for the day.

“And apparently I’ve accidentally bought a pub I’ve got to go look at in a minute because I’ve bought a brewery.

“Anyway it’s nice to have lots of different things to do in the day, so I do enjoy that.”

Clarkson’s Farm came as a bit of a surprise to many of his fans to begin with but the show was a huge hit and very quickly bagged a second season. The released for the the upcoming season has not be revealed yet, but it is thought to be early 2023.

Dan Grabiner, Amazon Studios’ head of UK originals, said ahead of the release of the second season:

“We are delighted to be joining the team for another year in the life of Diddly Squat.

“And wish Kaleb [Cooper] and farmers across the country luck as Mother Nature continues to take revenge on Jeremy.

“We’re just going into the edit now and it’s looking very good.

“More Kaleb Cooper, more Gerald [Cooper]. You can understand a little bit more of Gerald this time. I think maybe every season, you’ll understand a few more words of Gerald.”

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