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Jeremy Clarkson Collapsed After Trying Cannabis With Partner Lisa Hogan

In his latest column, Jeremy Clarkson wrote about the effects cannabis has on him, while also outlining what happened when, under the influence of the drug, his partner Lisa Hogan asked for a lap dance at a club.

Describing this behaviour as “out of character”, Jeremy Clarkson explained how he was under the influence of secondhand smoke from people “vaping” around him, but added that there was plenty of “excitement” from his side on this.

In the column, The Grand Tour presenter shared his dislike of cannabis, explaining how he used to hide in toilet cubicles when people were smoking around him to “escape the effects”.

“Not that long ago I was in a “special dancing” bar in Detroit with my girlfriend,” he wrote in the column.

“We were chatting to some people at the bar who had a vape and, after taking a puff, Lisa announced she’d quite like to have a lap dance.”

He continued:

“As this is extremely out of character, I should have known that the ‘vape’ contained some chemical strangeness, but I was so excited by the idea that I too had a puff and went off to find a dancer who’d oblige.”

Unfortunately, Jeremy ended up “collapsing” with the effects of the “vape”, leaving Lisa to carry him home:

“That’s what dope does: it means your girlfriend has to carry you home instead of having a lap dance,” he wrote, adding that the next morning, his “knees stopped working properly”.

The couple has recently been open to the public about their relationship, admitting that they don’t want to get married or have children.

“Mrs Clarkson?” Lisa said. “No, thank you, I like Lisa Hogan. We decided not to have children together.

“We’re at a stage where we are not going to have kids.”

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