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Jeremy Clarkson Confirms The Future Of The Grand Tour: “We’re Down To Do Several More”

In a recent podcast with Andy Jaye, Jeremy Clarkson has confirmed the future of The Grand Tour, which will come as great news for many fans that were worried The Grand Tour was no more after Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May each seemed to be turning their attention to other projects.

In the interview, he discussed Scotland and the filming the Amazon Prime Video car show had done around the country.

“We’ve done Scotland and I know they are saying in the edit it is very unplugged.

“We couldn’t go abroad obviously, I think everyone will understand why, so we did Scotland.”

On being asked when it could be released, he guessed June time this year.

“I would have guessed you would have seen Madagascar in May and here we are in December.

“So when is Scotland happening? Ready steady, June.

“It won’t be, it won’t be but it could be shown in June I think.”

He then went on to admit that they’re trying to do another episode for 2021, and goes on to confirm that they have “several” left.

“We’re down to do several more, several more let’s put it like that.

“Which is great. It’s great from our point of view.

“The thing is Richard and James and I pretend to hate each other but when we get together – and we don’t get together on purpose when we’re not working – but when we do [we] immediately fall about laughing.

“And then we just laugh and laugh and laugh the whole time we are together.

“It’s a chemistry that hasn’t been manufactured, its evolved over many many years which is great.”

The Grand Tour changed from its traditional layout to a new structure at the beginning of Season 4 where it lost the tent, the Eboladrome test track, and its live audience. Instead, the trio is now focussing on special episodes only. This, as we know, has massively reduced how many episodes we get per year, but at the same time we’re being treated to more adventures, a higher quality story line, and solo ventures from each of the hosts.

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