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Jeremy Clarkson Criticizes Former BBC Colleague for Road Rage Video Exploits

Jeremy Clarkson has a weekly column in a UK newspaper called The Sun and this week, he spent his column criticizing the helmet cam video of his former BBC colleague, Jeremy Vine.

The story goes that Jeremy Vine is cycling through the streets of London when an a driver started honking from behind. Vine apparently stopped in the middle of the road and the driver of the car came out to confront him.

After the incident, Vine says that he posted the video to his hundreds of thousands of online followers to raise awareness of this driver, so that he can prevent any further possible assaults on slow riding cyclists in the middle of the streets of London.

Credit: Rex Features
Jeremy Vine | Credit: Rex Features

Clarkson’s reaction at the time is classic Jezza:

“He can be seen cycling down the middle of the road, deliberately blocking the cars in his wake, and when one gets too close he stops — still in the middle of the road — so  he can record the woman driver’s foul-mouthed tirade.

The message is clear.

He’s been verbally assaulted while on a noble quest to save the polar bear.”

“But hang on a minute, Vine. How did you know that the woman in the car behind wasn’t rushing to see her injured child in hospital?  How did you know there wasn’t a pregnant girl on the back seat who was about to give birth?

“Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to be stuck behind a sanctimonious cyclist when you really are in a genuine, tearing hurry?”

“Of course, it is not illegal to cycle slowly down the middle of a narrow street. But it is selfish and annoying for everyone else.”

Vine’s reaction to Clarkson was to laugh and brush it off like it was nothing.

Oh and by the way, the lady in the video is now being investigated by Scotland Yard.

Why can’t everyone just act like Richard Hammond on his bicycle?

Richard Hammond Cycling

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