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Jeremy Clarkson Destroys Ex-Top Gear Host Matt LeBlanc During Game Show

Jeremy Clarkson is making headlines after making a comment during Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? about ex-Top Gear presenter Matt LeBlanc.

With this not being the first time something of this nature has happened, it’s no surprise that The Grand Tour presenter once again has launched a quick jibe at LeBlanc after he left the BBC show last year.

“In the sitcom ‘Friends’, which character is a palaeontologist?” Clarkson asked the contestant who replied quickly with the correct answer, “Ross.”

Jeremy Clarkson Destroys Ex-Top Gear Host Matt LeBlanc During Game Show
– Matt LeBlanc

Chiming in quickly, Clarkson couldn’t resist an opportunity to make a joke about LeBlanc saying, “I don’t know what happened to the actor who played Joey – disappeared without a trace.”

The audience replied with heaves of laughter before the game swiftly moved on – maybe as an order from production in Clarkson’s ear.

It hasn’t been too long since LeBlanc’s name was brought up in conjunction to The Grand Tour, with executive producer Andy Wilman making a joke during a comedic ‘behind the scenes’ video. When talking about the production process of The Grand Tour, a dog named Alfie interrupted him with a bark.

“Alright Alfie, do you like Matt LeBlanc? Yes.” Andy joked.

Rivalry is a good thing, spawning innovation and producing a better TV show for all of us, and a bit of friendly jibing back and forth is a must!

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  1. It’s so simple….really.
    Yet so hard for the morons who produce these two -in the past – incredible shows to understand what makes US, the general public of the petrol head world tick.
    We were tuning in to watch our heroes.
    The journalists, that were the soul of these shows.

    That’s how simple it is.
    Take notice BBC and Discovery channels.
    Or not…to your own peril.

  2. To be fair we just don’t watch it anymore.
    Sad but true clarkson and his team are fabulous.
    Bring them back and watch your ratings go up and up.
    Big mistake tossing those guys out

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