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Jeremy Clarkson Details Conflict With Fan At Pub: “The Definition Of Insanity”

In a recent car review written by Jeremy Clarkson on the Porsche 911 GT3, he describes a conversion he had with a fan who came over to him in a pub on a Friday night to talk about his own car. This, as he explains in the column, was of some annoyance to the Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm presenter. 

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His review on the rear-engined 911 rolled over to a current talking point – the Porsche Taycan – an all-electric supercar from the German brand. And a very talented one at that. 

He pens that those living close to him in the Cotswolds are usually very keen to talk about their hybrids and electric cars with the presenter, but one conversation with a fan pushed him to the limits. It began when a fan revealed that he’d bought an environmentally friendly car to drive alongside their other car.

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He explained that where he usually goes for a drink on a Friday evening has a car park that’s often filled with grey Range Rovers. But now the Porsche Taycan “is starting to make its presence felt”. And those who are driving these cars often like to tell Clarkson about it when they see him.

Jeremy Clarkson stood next to Lisa Hogan

“It’s easy, when I’m inside, enjoying some devilled kidneys, to spot who’s driving them,” Clarkson wrote. “Because they rush over and tell me.

“I try to be polite and look interested as they explain how fast their car is and how much more reliable it will be than the grey Range Rover they sold to buy it.”

He revealed that he often tried to bring these conversations to an end by inviting them to go out shooting.

“That should shut them up; when they get stuck and use all the battery power to try to free themselves and it’s raining and going dark and they’ve missed lunch.”

He then detailed a conversation that had stuck with him:

“One of the men who rushed over to tell me about his new Taycan the other Friday explained he only really uses it at weekends when he’s ‘in the country’.

“Right. I see. So he’s bought an electrical eco car as a second vehicle.”

“I think that really is the definition of insanity.”

He goes on to describe the 911 GT3 he was reviewing as a “satisfying drive”, with “very, very good” steering. Despite this, he labels it as a weekend car. Fortunately, Porsche have the 911 Touring for this very reason.

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