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Jeremy Clarkson Explains Cheerful Charlie’s Bad Reaction To Latest Clarkson’s Farm Idea: “It’s Always Disastrous”

Cheerful Charlie, Jeremy Clarkson’s land agent, isn’t too thrilled about his latest farm venture. Yesterday, in his latest column, the Clarkson’s Farm star revealed the moment he informed his Amazon Prime co-star about his new lager, Hawkstone.

The Grand Tour presenter, who has another episode of the car show coming out in December, revealed that the fan-favourite Charlie had “rhythmically banged his forehead on the table” after he updated him on his new plans.

With Jeremy recently releasing the product to great praise, it turns out that Charlie wasn’t so happy about what would turn out to be a complicated and expensive product, despite how excited Jeremy was.

In his column, Clarkson has revealed what happened behind the scenes when he discussed this with Charlie.

He said:

“While we were celebrating our genius with the name, Cheerful Charlie, turned up with the crop plan he’d devised.

“… But no spring barley at all. I don’t know why beer has to be made from barley that’s planted in March rather than September, but it does. And Charlie had left it out.”

Jeremy questioned Charlie’s reasoning, in which he repled:

“‘I know.

“It’s always disastrous on your farm, so I didn’t think we’d bother anymore.'”

Jeremy explained how he reacted to this sore news: “I pulled my special crestfallen face and explained that I’d just invested in a brewery that would use my barley and that we had a name and everything.

“‘Ah,’ said Charlie, before gently rolling his eyes and rhythmically banging his forehead on the table.”

Jeremy revealed that although growing the crop was “a risk”, he counts himself “lucky” as he got a good price for the barley. Because of the rise in value, he’s now looking at setting up a co-operative to assure that other farmers receive the best price for their own barley produce.

“Everyone at Diddly Squat is fully engaged with the idea of diverting all our energy next year into careful spring barley farming,” Jeremy explained.

“Even Charlie, who when I talked about it this morning said: ‘Oh God.'”

The lager was posted to his Instagram where it quickly gained interest from fans. Have you pre-ordered yours yet?

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