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Jeremy Clarkson Explains The Moment A Bee Outsmarted Him On His Farm

Jeremy Clarkson has been hard at work during the pandemic to bring us his new show, Clarkson’s Farm. During the show, he shows us exactly how difficult it’s been to start and run a successful farm. But in a recent interview with farming sidekick Kaleb Cooper, he’s revealed that there’s one animal that was able to get the better of him, over and over again: the bee.

Who Is Clarkson’s Sidekick, Kaleb Cooper?

The Grand Tour presenter’s girlfriend, Lisa Hogan, explains that they’ve got over 5 million bees at the farm which they use for honey, or “bee juice” as they call it in the store. But when Clarkson goes to take the honey in his huge bee suit, they’re still able to outsmart him.

“You have honey for sale,” begins Kaleb. “Have you been bee-keeping?

“If so, how did you get on?”

Clarkson looks at him with a straight face. “I got stung,” he replied. “A lot.

“Every single time I went there. Every single time without fail.”

He continued:

“Here’s the funny thing about bees, as we discovered, this is a bee suit. It’s got a zip-up down here and you’re in one suit, it comes up here around here as a hat with a mesh on it,” he says while miming the outline of the suit. 

“But the bee looks at that and goes ‘there is a way in’. It’s like they’re in The Great Escape, and one of them found a way at the bottom of my trousers, went all the way up on the outside of my jeans, then found the gap between the jean trouser and my t-shirt, crawled along there, thought ‘oh here’s a crack’, down the crack and then thought… ‘ready and… go’.

“Killed itself but knew as it died how much pain it had brought me.

“It was funny,” he ends. 

A couple of months ago, he admitted to The Mirror that he was having issues with his bees.;

The bees aren’t so bad but it’s just they hate me.

“Even though I wear my full bee suit they worked out how to get into it.

“I don’t want to be lavatorial, but last time I went there, they normally get me on the ankle — the bit between the training shoe and the bottom of the suit.”

He tells the same story, ending with a hilarious comment:

“I knew it was there dying in my underpants. I just thought, ‘God this honey better sell’. It does taste nice.”

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