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Jeremy Clarkson Fights Back At One-Star Negative Review Of Clarkson’s Farm

Clarkson’s Farm has been huge, and it’s only just been two weeks since it was released on Amazon Prime Video. Jeremy Clarkson has already spoken out on how blown away he’s been after such a positive response from fans, but there’s one website who’s pounced on the show.

Clarkson’s Farm Review: A Brilliant Return To Journalism From Jeremy That’s Cloaked In Humour

The Guardian was the only website who reviewed the show negatively. In fact, I haven’t seen another negative review on Clarkson’s Farm, with all other sites singing its praises to the sky. But with The Guardian giving it only one star, we start to question why. 

Jeremy Clarkson Is Blown Away By The Positivity For Clarkson’s Farm

Jeremy Clarkson’s Response

Jeremy Clarkson stood next to Lisa Hogan

The presenter, known for calling out anyone or anything he fancies during his career on The Grand Tour and previously Top Gear, responded to this poor review. 

“GREAT news – my new farming show has received a one-star review from the Guardian,” he writes.

“This means you’ll almost ­certainly enjoy it!”

The review, which called the show “wearisome, meretricious rubbish” and its presenter an ignorant buffoon, has come under fire from fans who question the reasons behind the article. 

It’s no surprise that almost all suspect it’s to cause a commotion, and therefore, draw in more clicks than a positive review. It’s a form of clickbait, drawing you in when you wonder how someone could have such a wrong idea. But with even Clarkson calling it out, it’s kind of worked…

Fortunately, the rest of the online arena surrounding Clarkson’s Farm was incredibly positive, with many loving not only Clarkson and his humour, but the friends and colleagues that featured along the way such as Kaleb Cooper and Charlie Ireland

Silly question… but what did you think? Fancy a second season?

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  1. Whilst it will have come as no great surprise to most of us that Lucy Mangan deigned to write a negative review
    on ‘Clarkson’s farm’ – it is perhaps disappointing that the sloppy mush between her ears that passes for a brain, had not registered that ‘Lady Chatterly’s lover’ had also once received a critical review – when mistaken by the writer as a guide to contemporary game keeping, back in the early part of the last century. She missed the whole point of the show – namely ‘Clarkson to amuse his army of fans by making a fool of himself, whilst having a crack at some gentleman farming’. What is so wrong or unexpected about that ? The show was a complete delight. There was humour, compassion, beauty and insight. But most important of all, he managed to illuminate – brilliantly – the very real and almost insurmountable problems faced by so many in the industry, up and down the country.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed the show, now look at the countryside and farmland differently knowing why there are tramlines, what is being grown , and now realise what a tough time farmers have.

  3. Love the show, in it’s way is informative, entertaining, shows that Common sense it’s not so common, and red tape is out of control.
    Keep doing what you do best, Wish you the best

  4. Absolutely loved this show, and yes it was the Guardian review that drew me in unbelievably. Much to like about this warm and empathetic and gloriously filmed series but I suspect its biggest legacy will be to leave casual urban viewers like me with a much better, informed and sympathetic view of farmers and all their tribulations. That really is a public service and Clarkson and his team should be praised for it. But I’m sure the Guardian is happy that its own farming coverage has been beyond par for decades……

  5. I would love a 2nd season, those there was a lot of sthick in the sow it showed just how difficult farming can be, as an entertainment piece with a message it was brilliant, the wife didn’t like it so much, but she don’t like Jezza.

  6. Just finished watching clarksons farm. It was my partner that brought it to my attention showing on Amazon prime. Normally I wouldn’t have bothered but I’m glad I did. Although Jeremy can get annoying, this was different as he was completely into the country farming life and he is genuinely concerned about how British farmers will manage once the EU subsidies fall away. I was also thoroughly interested in the whole food processing business and also glad it wasn’t me out in the fields in the dark. Food for thought would be a comment close to Jeremy’s command of the English language if of course I hadn’t come up with it first😁.
    Great series….can’t wait for the next.

  7. Really enjoyed the programme, Jeremy at his best. Also loved the characters in the series, especially Gerald!!

  8. Will someone please kick Boris out and put Jezza in….as good as GT, just a whole lot better with Mr Clarkson going solo. Well done!

  9. This the best programme for a long time. Especially as the everyone involved had a go at Jeremy about his ideas, but turned the farm around to a point. A project in progress.

  10. Guardian review didn’t age well..; Show has a whopping 9.6 on IMDb. Loved it very much myself also. Hoping for a next season.

  11. It might have something to do with the large financial vegan backing the guardian have 😉

  12. Loved it. The reporter probably is a woke warrior and hate everyone and everything and thinks men are scum sorry white men are scum. These people can crawl back under the rock they came from and die.
    They are trying to make everything terrible and unwatchable like doctor who. Marvel movies watchmen ect all terrible

  13. Clarksons farm…best program I’ve eatch in years. Bring on a second season ,please

  14. I think someone must have missed the point when they obviously have no idea what they rating and my book somehow you should be rated five stars to me that is awesome rate

  15. Sums up the Guardian perfectly. So out of touch with real people.

    Clarksons Farm is one of the most entertaining shows currently available on any format.

    Jeremy is definitely Marmite, but love him or hate him, the man is watchable for so many reasons. His comic timing is amazing and his directness is refreshing in the current climate of political correctness run riot.

    Let’s have another series ASAP please.

  16. One of the funniest things I have watched in years. Not only JC but the people that appear with him (and aren’t afraid to give him as his as they get make superb entertainment.

  17. Brilliant good fun programme highlighting the government’s stupid paperwork as if farmers have nothing else to do. Top show.

  18. Clarksons Farm is brilliant TV…and the locals who work with him are pure gold…I would love to see a second series and more …Jeremy may not be everyone’s cup of tea , but no one can deny his personality and outlook on life makes people take notice

  19. I read the article in the Guardian. It seemed to be written by somebody with an axe to grind. There was nothing objective about the article. It was all criticism and sarcasm. Jeremy will not be to everyone’s taste but, the program, which I really enjoyed by the way, deserved a far more professional critique than that supplied by the Guardian

  20. Clarkson at his buffoonish best.. Loved it..
    How not to run a farm.. But every venture demanded an energetic optimism that goes to show what being a farmer really takes.
    And don’t forget the support given by the real farm community.

  21. The show is a hoot, anything Clarkson appears in turns to gold, he could do a series reviewing dog turds and would still be funny

  22. Doesn’t surprise me in the least. One townie asked me when did the council come round to clean a cow pat off the road. Another asked who they could see about the cockeral that crows too early. They forget they all drive down making our air dirty and build houses that would be more suited to Denmark than a cotswold village. Someone should tell them, a 4×4,wax jacket and labrador of any colour does not make you the Lady and Squire.

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