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Jeremy Clarkson Fights For His Clarkson’s Farm Restaurant To Be Built In Recent Update

Jeremy Clarkson has been building his farming business, Diddly Squat Farm, for almost two years now, and while he’s fought against his fair share of issues, he keeps pushing forward and expanding into different niches to ensure he creates a viable income for himself and his family.

His latest project is building a restaurant out of an unused lambing shed, and while it seems like a good idea – a place where he can sell his own produce to fans – it’s looking to be a real pain.

The plans for the restaurant, which is expected to seat up to 60 people, are currently being looked over by West Oxfordshire District Council. His neighbours have been incredibly against the proposal, with one even launching a legal fight against it.

Jeremy has now given us an update on his plans via his column for The Sunday Times, as well as filling us in on how his cows are keeping him and his partner Lisa Hogan busy.

“At some point next year, some of them — I’m not sure which — will go to the abattoir, where they will be converted into delicious cuts of meat that I can sell at my new restaurant.

“If I’m allowed to build it.”

He continued: “While Lisa and I were busy rounding up the cows, like Pete Duel and Ben Murphy, 28 of the local villagers were sending their objections to the council.

“Let’s hope the council realises that this means 800 people in the village didn’t object, because they fancy some well-bred, well-reared, grass-fed local beef. And they quite like having someone nearby to look after the countryside.”

A decision on the restaurant is still yet to take place, but local Chadlington man Hasan Dawar has launched a legal fight against Clarkson, labelling the farm “Jeremy Clarkson’s theme park”.

He told the Mirror: “We don’t want a Jeremy Clarkson theme park and don’t understand why he’d want one.

“So if we can stop it, we will.”

We’ll more than likely see how this story evolved in more detail when the second series of Clarkson’s Farm hits Amazon Prime next year.

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