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Jeremy Clarkson: Filming Halted Yet Again Due To “Biggles T**ts”

Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of The Grand Tour and soon his very own farming show currently known as “I Bought The Farm”, has taken to Twitter to complain about yet more filming issues. While The Grand Tour filming is, as far as we know, on hold until the team can navigate the COVID restrictions, we can only assume that in this case, Clarkson is talking about filming on his farm.

More than likely reaching the end of his first year of farming experience and wrapping up the first season of his show, filming has once again been dashed by what the ex-Top Gear presenter calls “Biggles t**ts*. Obviously, he’s referring to pilots flying their planes over his land which can severely disrupt audio.

As I’m sure you’re aware, even an afternoon of filming lost can have consequences in the world of TV. Thankfully, as this new show will be hosted on Amazon, there is a certain amount of wiggle room for release, especially as the release date is yet to be announced.

We think Clarkson should invest his Grand Tour profits and some kind of anti-air canon. Or maybe even a handheld stinger of some sort? Surely it can be tax-deductible?

Of course, his followers were mostly sympathetic:

But, obviously, the reply section was filled with hilarious responses from fans:

As usual, we’ll keep you updated on any other filming updates. Stay tuned!




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