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Jeremy Clarkson Finally Acknowledges Fans Asking About The Grand Tour Madagascar Special

After much waiting due to several delays, The Grand Tour Madagascar special is finally set to arrive at Jeremy Clarkson’s relief as he complains about fans constantly bothering him on his social media. Co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May will reunite with Clarkson for The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt which is slated to air this December on Amazon Prime Video.


Clarkson shared in a statement how the fans kept on asking him for updates on the show:

“It’s a year since we filmed it – I can’t remember anything, to be honest, it’s like trying to remember holidays when I was seven.

But, I am finally glad because it means that people will stop going on social media and asking me every 25 seconds ‘why haven’t you released it yet?’ It’s not me! But, anyway, it’s finally ready.”

For A Massive Hunt special, the trio is tasked to seek a so-called pirate treasure in the tough roads of Madagascar with their modified cars.

The former Top Gear trio was last seen at the iconic Mekong River for The Grand Tour Special: Seaman, where they captained three boats of widely varying design.

The boys had a fun and challenging time in Vietnam but Clarkson is more than happy to be back on the road at the driver’s seat of course.

“I like boats, I think boats are great and I love that part of the world – Cambodia, and Vietnam, they’re great fun to go to and fantastic food and just so exciting,” Clarkson admitted.

“I think that was a very successful special but yes, of course, it’s nice to be back in cars. I think a lot of petrol heads are going to like this one because I think they will be genuinely amazed at three – I say ordinary cars, they’re not ordinary in terms of family saloons – but they are cars, were able to do what they did.

“You wouldn’t even put a Land Rover up there and expect it to survive, so, well done them,” Clarkson said on their adventure at A Massive Hunt.

Watch The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt at Amazon Prime Video streams on December 18.

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