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Jeremy Clarkson Finally Admits Feelings On Co-Presenters Leaving Top Gear Alongside Him

When Top Gear ended in 2015, no one knew what was going to happen. Jeremy Clarkson‘s contract wasn’t renewed, so Richard Hammond and James May had to make a decision. Stick with the BBC without Clarkson, or stay as a trio and move on to a new future. This, however, also left the crew in an awkward situation. Without Top Gear, their jobs were in limbo. As Clarkson admits in a recent interview, many left to follow the trio on their next adventure, The Grand Tour.

He was asked about this in an interview with Joe, here’s what he said when asked about his feelings around the subject.

“It was delightful really, and it wasn’t just them, it was, you know, 90% of the production team and all the crews and everyone just came over to Amazon with me which was great.

“Yeah, that was thrilling and sort of vindicating in some ways.”

Clarkson pokes at the BBC being a poor place to work and that a future Top Gear wouldn’t hit the same performance, explaining that the team jumped ship when Clarkson left because what would come next wouldn’t be as good as what Clarkson, joined with Hammond and May, would produce.

“Is that a good answer?” he asks.

The interview pushes for a more heartwarming comment on the whole fiasco, but Clarkson was keen to sidestep this. Clarkson simply retorts with a claim that something like that is “daytime television nonsense”, and humorously asks if the interviewer is Piers Morgan.

Clarkson and Morgan have had a questionable past, with The Grand Tour presenter actually punching him at one point of his career. They are however now going to meet again as they film a celebrity special episode of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?.

Clarkson has also been given a Christmas Day show called ‘Clarkson On TV’, where he will be reviewing the best and worst TV shows of the last year. We can’t wait to see Clarkson take on other projects while The Grand Tour production is slow thanks to the pandemic.

Despite this, the next episode of The Grand Tour, named ‘A Masive Hunt’, is set to be released on Amazon on the 18th December later this year.

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