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Jeremy Clarkson: Girlfriend’s Son Scared That He’d Kill The Grand Tour Presenter Upon Realising He’d Spread It To Him

Jeremy Clarkson’s girlfriend Lisa Hogan has revealed that her son was extremely worried that he was going to kill the Grand Tour presenter after contracting COVID and giving it to the presenter.

During Loose Women, a lunchtime chat show on ITV, Lisa told the public what it was like living with Jeremy when he was suffering from COVID last Christmas. She described the time as “awful”, with host Nadia Sawalha adding that she wouldn’t have known that Jeremy had the virus after watching Clarkson’s Farm:

“With his past health scares you must have been so scared!” she said. 

“It was just awful,’ Lisa replied, before admitting it was her son that gave Jeremy the virus.

“So my son brought it down for Christmas, and my son goes, ‘Oh my god, I’m going to kill Jeremy Clarkson’,” she said before she joked: “And I said, ‘Well some people will thank you’.”

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She then added that Jeremy’s reaction to the virus was very mild:

“He had a temperature for a couple of days, maybe a couple of hours actually,” she said.

She continued, adding that Jeremy and her son then got comfortable in the TV room and asked for bolognese, rosé, and beer “while they were watching the football. 

Lisa gave more information about Jeremy’s COVID symptoms in an interview with the press:

“Jeremy getting Covid was petrifying, but it was thankfully a very light dose.

“But yes, everyone thought at the time that if you got it, you’d end up in a hospital, so we were very aware of that.”

“We were all really careful, no one from the whole crew or anyone on the farm got it.”

Jeremy Clarkson stood next to Lisa Hogan

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She continued:

“We did have one scenario when we were filming with bees where one of the cameramen had the full suit on and the camera was up to his eyes.

“And I had a stick, and I was trying to push forward the bit of his suit because I could see the bees on it.

“The next thing someone was panicking, ‘Two metres, two metres!’ he was yelling at me, I backed off and the cameraman got stung twice on his forehead.”

She laughed “Jeremy got stung quite badly on his backside.

“I mean, who would you have to be to come back as a bee and get killed on Jeremy’s backside?” she joked. “You’d have to be quite evil in life, wouldn’t you?”

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