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Jeremy Clarkson Has Been Invited To Enter The Farmer Of The Year Award

The marketing material for Jeremy Clarkson’s upcoming farming show, Clarkson’s Farm is starting to roll out with the release of the show just around the corner, but the latest video published to The Grand Tour’s Twitter account is certainly article-worthy.

The video explains that Clarkson, new to the farming business with him taking over his own farm under two years ago, has been invited to enter the Farmer Of The Year Award. This, apparently, is actually a thing, with it recognising and celebrating the very best of British agriculture. Well, when they put it like that, of course Clarkson should be involved… right?

“Right, I’ve had an email inviting me to enter the Farmer of the Year Award,” Clarkson says smugly at the camera. “Why would I not do that?” he jokes.

The video quickly transitions to everything that’s gone wrong during the filming process of his upcoming show, including being kicked by a sheep and breaking things.

Now back to Clarkson in front of his computer, he’s asked several questions regarding his farming history. “How did I get into it?” the presenter asks himself before typing, ‘I bought a farm and a tractor’.

The next question is about who’s involved and in what capacity. He answers, listing Kaleb Cooper , whose “job is to shout at me”, and Charlie, “who shouts at me”. The next question refers to what steps he’s taken to “upskill”, in which Clarkson simply replies, “there is no such word as upskill”.

The video goes on and he answers questions with the hilarity we expect from Clarkson, including a rant about “f***ing Brexit”, how he funds his mistakes by hosting Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

With the entry sent in, he goes on to rehearse his award speech,. which will apparently include some crying while he thinks of James May’s face. It really is going to be a touching moment for the presenter.

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