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Jeremy Clarkson Hilariously Stung By Brave Bee While Farming For Honey

Jeremy Clarkson has been betrayed by the bees he keeps on his farm, and stung “on his backside,” he admits.

The Grand Tour presenter is producing a new Amazon Original called “I Bought the Farm” starring himself as he fights through the year trying to make a profit from, you guessed it, farming. So far, the new experience has been quite eye-opening for him, and he has even changed his stance on climate change with this resulting in him putting his new thoughts down in words for The Sun in his popular column

Jeremy told The Mirror: “The bees aren’t so bad but it’s just they hate me.

“Even though I wear my full bee suit they worked out how to get into it.

“I don’t want to be lavatorial, but last time I went there, they normally get me on the ankle — the bit between the training shoe and the bottom of the suit.”

Jeremy went on to say: “They’ve worked out that’s literally my Achilles heel.

“But this time I wore Wellingtons and I thought, ‘Ah that’ll stop them’.

However, this did not stop one bee from finding its way in. “The bee got in the bottom, crawled up the Wellington, up the jeans trouser until it got between there and my T-shirt where it found an interesting crack, down it went and then stung me.” After being stung on the backside Jeremy said that he really hopes the honey sells:

“And when you’re in a bee suit you can’t get the bee out.

“I knew it was there dying in my underpants. I just thought, ‘God this honey better sell’. It does taste nice.”

The Grand Tour presenter has seemingly changed stance on climate change and feels that he is helping to slow the change by keeping bees. This offbeat farming endeavour was quite the surprise given the host’s farming history. While in Detroit filming The Grand Tour episode ‘Opera, Arts and Donuts’, Jeremy despised their modern farming and even destroyed one plot of flowers by accelerating quickly and doing a burnout through it with a Ford Mustang RTR.

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