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Jeremy Clarkson Hints At Grand Tour Developments With Recent Photo

Jeremy Clarkson recently posted an update to his Instagram account that showed a Covid test coming back as negative. The single line on the test indicates a negative result, whereas two lines indicate the opposite. This Medakit’s COVID-19 Antigen test that Jeremy has used here only needs 15 minutes to give a result, but the reason behind Clarkson using it is currently unknown.

The caption on the post reads ‘Let’s rock’, indicating that he may well be planning on continuing with work on The Grand Tour as fans await the next special which takes place in Scotland. It could be that he has other filming taking place, with the presenter hosting several other shows such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and It’s Clarkson On TV. But with the filming for these more than likely finished, we’re hoping he’s working on either the next episode of The Grand Tour, or getting together with the team to plan the episode following that.


Recording the voice overs for the next episode is my guess, as the episode after this is already planned as long as the pandemic permits. It’s looking like Clarkson, accompanied by Richard Hammond and James May will be heading to Northern Russia to play with cars in the snow.

We can only guess as to what’s coming next, but this post is likely indicating that we won’t have to wait as long for this episode as we did for A Massive Hunt, which took over a year to be released after the episode before it.

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