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Jeremy Clarkson Hits Out At Piers Morgan During Face To Face Meeting

Jeremy Clarkson recently paired with long-term rival Piers Morgan on his show Show Wants To Be A Millionaire? and upon introducing his as the guest of the episode, Clarkson took a swipe while referencing their history, calling him a “simply awful human being”.

He explained to viewers the following:

“This next contestant is someone with whom I’ve had a few disagreements over the years.

“But it is Christmas, so let’s put all that behind and play nicely as we welcome the simply awful human being that is Piers Morgan.”

Morgan then made his way onto the guest chair opposite Clarkson, as he continued:

“I’m only reading what’s on the autocue, you should’ve seen what I wrote.”

The rivalry continued as the episode went on, with both Clarkson and Morgan hitting out at each other with aspects from their past, including the punch from Clarkson that resulted in a scar on Piers.

Morgan joked that he no longer watches the show. “I used to watch the old one [the show] when it was hosted by a proper stand-up character [Chris Tarrant].”

Clarkson joked that Piers won’t excel on the quiz show: “You’ll never make it, but you’ve got 15 questions to get to £1million.”

“I won’t make it,” Piers agreed, laughing back.

Despite this, with help from a call from celebrity Judge Robert Rinder, he managed to grapple £4,000 for his chosen charity,

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