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Jeremy Clarkson: “I was Convinced I Had Coronavirus”

In a recent column for The Sun, Jeremy Clarkson of The Grand Tour fame admitted that after travelling through Africa and shaking hands with people from “China, Italy, Vietnam, Cambodia and all the other infected areas”, he fell ill with symptoms of the Coronavirus. 

“I was short of breath, I had a dry cough, my limbs ached and I was so lethargic I didn’t even have the energy to ask the barman for another beer,” he wrote. 

He goes on to explain how he thought that recovering where he was on holiday on a beach with box sets was a nice thought, but soon realised that he should return home to receive medical attention. 

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From here he begins the journey of trying to get in touch with someone who knows what he should do in this scenario. Being passed from menu to menu on NHS phone lines, he eventually gets through to someone who says he shouldn’t worry. 

“…she said that fretting about that would be like fretting about a journey on the Tube,” he wrote.
“It’s rare you encounter people with that level of common sense these days.”

Eventually, the ex-Top Gear star undergoes testing, and while he finds out that he is indeed very unwell, it’s not with the Coronavirus. 

“A healthy person would score no more than five. I scored 57. So I was very ill. Mostly likely, said the doctor, because I’d been in Africa.

“He called back the next day with the results.

“‘Nothing major to worry about,” he said, “except your liver function’s off.”

“All that, then, to be told I drink too much.”

Classic Clarkson. 

Currently, in the UK alone there are 456 cases of the Coronavirus with a total of 6 deaths. America is closing its borders to Europe, and Italy has shut the majority of its business with the WHO now classing the virus as a pandemic.

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