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Jeremy Clarkson Invites Prince William To Diddly Squat Farm After Responding To His Criticism

Prince William has been invited to join Jeremy Clarkson at Diddly Squat Farm after the prince had criticised billionaires who are shovelling money into going to space. Instead, he thought they should focus on fixing the planet first before finding a new place to live.

Jeremy, the Clarkson’s Farm presenter, wrote the following in his column for The Sun: “It’s tricky for the people who advise Prince William because he’s got to be interesting without being interesting and edgy without being edgy.

“And he has to say things that matter without saying anything at all about stuff that matters.”

Prince William then moved on to say how people should stop dropping litter. Jeremy had something to add to this, too.

Jeremy penned: “That’s safe ground, Your Highness. And if you’d like, you can come to my farm and help me pick up the mountain of c**p that’s blown into the fields every day. And the old fridges that are dumped in the gateways.

“Then, in the evening, we could have a pint and chat about how you once secretly played the part of a Storm-trooper . . . in a movie called Star Wars.”

The Grand Tour presenter finished his message to the Prine with a blow of realism: “He is no doubt a very lovely man and he has an almost impossible job. Waiting. And while waiting, being, not doing.”

Let’s hope he accepts the invitation, because how brilliant would it be to see Prince William in the next series of Clarkson’s Farm. we’d love to get his view on the current state of the farming industry.

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  1. Love this show, gives me a new appreciation and respect for farmers.
    Having HRH Prince William on the show would be amazing. And would help bring more of what farmers go through even more to the fore front.
    Respect .

  2. Now if you’d have asked Harry, he’d be there! William has more important things to concern himself with.

  3. Offer to let him drive the Lamborghini (tractor) he couldn’t refuse that offer.

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