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Jeremy Clarkson Is Creating A Co-Operative To Combat A Major Farming Issue

Jeremy Clarkson has a new respect for the hazards and difficulties of the beer business after creating his own Hawkstone lager on his Cotswolds farm, Diddly Squat Farm. The Clarkson’s Farm presenter has now complained about the rising prices of barley that have made his latest product incredibly expensive to produce.

Jeremy, who recently revealed his trailer for the upcoming Grand Tour episode, has found that the premium barley he produced on his own land cost him more than double when it reached the brewers, from £205 per tonne to £580 per tonne.

Thanks to ‘hopeless soil” and continuous bad weather, Clarkson is now worried that other farmers are getting a fair price for their produce, and is now looking into how to remove other companies from cutting into profits and margins. The Mirror has reported that the presenter is looking at starting a local farmer’s co-operative to form a better deal for barley farmers. In fact, he’s already had a discussion with farmers and maltsters to assess their thoughts on how to maintain good prices.

Compared to other beers that only take on average nine days to create, Clarkson’s beer takes six weeks from brewing to “largering”. With this in mind, it’s no shock that Clarkson wants to increase his margins as much as possible. In fact, the tagline stems from this very reason: Hard to make but easy to drink.

The lager has just become Amazon’s most popular lager, with it only being released a few days ago and not yet available unless for pre-order. You can read more about that here.

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