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Jeremy Clarkson Is Trademarking Catchphrases For New Products After Clarkson’s Farm Success

Jeremy Clarkson is getting busy trademarking some of the catchphrases he became known for throughout the series Clarkson’s Farm. Yesterday, it was revealed that the Grand Tour presenter ensured his famous phrase “I Did A Thing” could only be exclusively used on official merchandise – but now it looks like there will be even more cash in tow by also placing a Trademark application to use “I am A F***er.”

Jeremy has sent off documents to the UK’s Intellectual Property Office in hopes that he will be able to exclusively use these famous terms on products like t-shirts, mugs and glasses – a market he’s been after since his release of the now-famous Hawkstone Lager.

And while the latter application may look a bit iffy for younger fans, the word the asterisks are censoring is indeed ‘farmer’. As part of an ad campaign ahead of releasing the second series of the popular farming show, Jeremy is now working full time on the farm and its future products including a number of pub paraphernalia.

The application will now be checked over as Jeremy and his lawyers hope for it to be trademarked for ten years. Obviously, this would allow Jeremy and his Diddly Squat Farm Shop to continue to use these catchphrases on products well into the future. And I’m sure fans will be excited to learn that Jeremy expects the farm and its connected businesses to have a long life.

A source close to Jeremy Clarkson said the following:

“Jeremy is aware his catchphrase has taken off since he started his Amazon farm show, which has picked up a cult following.

“He sees it as a bit of an asset and feels, ‘why allow other people to financially benefit from it when he can?’.

“The wheels are now in motion so it won’t be long until his own official merch comes out, which his fans are bound to lap up.”

Clarkson’s Farm was incredibly popular when it was released last year. It was also reviewed very highly by the media and because of this, a second series has now been confirmed where Jeremy will join Kaleb Cooper for yet another year of farming.

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