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Jeremy Clarkson Launches Lager Brand But This Has Brought Devastation To Farm: “I’ve Had So Many Accidents In The Tractor”

Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm Shop has been slowly adding to its stock ever since it was opened during the filming of Clarkson’s Farm, but now the Grand Tour presenter is adding to his lineup of homegrown produce.

He’s adding his very own Hawkstone lager to the shop, but admits that it wasn’t so easy to market.

In an interview with The Sun, he admitted that a lot of his marketing ideas were overruled by the Advertising Standards Authority.

He said the following:

“If you’re an alcoholic, don’t fight it, feed it’ fell foul of the regulator,” he said.

“There’s so much you can’t say. For example, ‘This is a delicious breakfast beer’.

They won’t allow it. It’s very boring. Basically, all I’m allowed to say is, ‘This is lager’.”

The lager will be available to purchase online and in Jeremy’s farm shop, but he plans on selling it in pubs and supermarkets in the future. And while he’s growing it from the barley he grows on his farm, he had other motivations to create the product.

He was told in school that he couldn’t “organise a p**s up in a brewery”.

“I wanted to have a brewery so I could have a p ***-up in it. Now I can go back to my old careers teacher and say, ‘You see? I told you I could do it!’ It is a very well-made beer. I’m out for world domination. Nothing less will do.”

Jeremy has also admitted that fans of the show could be seeing a few more issues created by the fact he’s brewing his own beer. According to the ex-Top Gear presenter, it’s made farming “ten times worse”.

“I’ve had so many accidents on the tractor,” he admitted. “The other night I got into bed at 2am and Lisa asked if I’d had a good day and I said, ‘Yes, it’s been brilliant”. The next morning Lisa comes in and tells me it’s devastation outside. The gate posts were knocked over, bins everywhere, the barn door was smashed in.

“It’s like that bit in The Wolf Of Wall Street when he thinks he hasn’t had an accident. Now we’ve got our own beer, the opportunity for accidents has gone through the roof.”

With the second series of Clarkson’s Farm due to be released sometime next year, we’re getting extremely excited to see how all the drama this year has brought will be portrayed.

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