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Jeremy Clarkson Loses It On Twitter As He Admits He Doesn’t Trust The BBC Anymore

Jeremy Clarkson has quite a history with the BBC, but tonight on Twitter he admitted that he simply doesn’t trust the channel’s news program.

On Twitter, he wrote the following:

“@BBCNews You have completely lost it tonight.

“I simply don’t trust a word you say anymore and that’s sad.”

While he didn’t specify which part of the news show made him feel this way, this was tweeted just moments after a piece from Laura Kuenssberg, where she’d spoken to 20 government officials on how they’d acted before the UK’s lockdown. These officials admitted that the UK should have fallen into a lockdown much earlier like other countries within the EU.

After this, the show focussed on the reported issues with the AstraZeneca, and how many European countries are now stopping using this vaccine.

Following this, the show discussed the reaction of the police to the Sarah Everard vigil, something that is on the minds of a lot of the UK right now.

Fans of The Grand Tour presenter were quick to agree with him on his opinions on the BBC, echoing his statement.

Same here,” one user said. “I’ve completely rejected SkyUK (commiecast), ITV & C4 too. I have no trust or respect for any of them. They’ve all thrown impartiality out the window. I’m looking forward to @GBNEWS.”

Another user questioned why people of the UK are being forced to pay for “bias” reporting. “That ‘off the record’ segment with Kunessburg was awful. Littered with bias. This isn’t legal. Why are we being forced to pay for a bias media outlet??”

This tweet from Jeremy came moments after he revealed that he’d received the AstraZeneca vaccine yesterday, and is feeling perfectly fine since then. We’re very glad to hear that Clarkson has received this.

“I had the Astra Zeneca vaccine yesterday and my blood is still a liquid. So it’s fine,” he said, obviously referring to the issues with the vaccine currently happening in Europe.

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