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Jeremy Clarkson Makes Political U-Turn In Latest Column: “Not Going To Lose Much Sleep”

Jeremy Clarkson, who labelled Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer as an “idiot” and “Sir Lego Head” earlier this year, has gone back on his previous comments and is now not as concerned about the possibility of Starmer becoming prime minister.

The Grand Tour host was previously concerned about Starmer’s support of Jeremy Corbyn and for hitting back at Boris Johnson when he was prime minister for raising taxes for working people.

Now, in Clarkson’s latest column for The Sun, he wrote:

“I think most of us accept that Labour will win the next election and that, as a result, Sir Starmer will be PM. On the face of it, this is scary, because we all remember that he supported Corbyn.

“Which means that behind the Lego hair and the cheery smile he sits on the political spectrum somewhere between Stalin and Scargill.”

The Clarkson’s Farm star is clearly still not a huge fan of Starmer. He continued:

“So who’s Starmer? What does he really think?

“Well, to try to find out, I’ve had a look at his famously secretive family. And it turns out his wife, Victoria, is a tennis fan and that the couple called their son Toby. They’ve never revealed, publicly, the name of their daughter. Probably because it’s Humphreyetta.

“Not sure I’m going to lose too much sleep, then, if he gets into No 10.”

Clarkson’s previous comments came up when Starmer questioned why Boris Johnson was raising taxes despite the current cost of living crisis. Clarkson wrote at the time:

“In a brief diversion this week, Sir Lego Head stopp­ed talking about ­parties and asked the Tories why they keep raising taxes on working people.”

“Well, you idiot, it might have something to do with the fact they can’t very well raise taxes on people who aren’t working.”

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