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Jeremy Clarkson May Have Quit Smoking, But Booze Is a Whole Other Matter

Way back in August, as I’m sure you will all remember, Jeremy was stricken with a bout of pneumonia. The pneumonia hit him pretty hard, nearly killing him due to years of smoking and drinking. As a result, his doctors urged him to quit both of those habits.

As of right now, it seems that quitting smoking has been pretty successful for Jezza. We saw numerous posts of a cranky Jeremy slamming packs of nicotine gum, and since then, I haven’t seen any news about him relapsing. As far as quitting smoking goes, good on you, Jeremy.

Clearly not quitting drinking

However, on the matter of quitting drinking, Jeremy seems to be taking the opposite approach:

“…my daughter came out to make sure I didn’t drink or smoke. They said, ‘You must never smoke again.’ And she went, ‘What about drinking?’ When we’re filming we don’t actually get trollied. We used to on Top Gear Live — I don’t remember any of that.

We might have a glass of wine with dinner but you have your mind on the job. However, when filming is over and on the plane on the way home, we may have a few buckets of wine.”

Honestly, who can blame Jeremy? If I was told to quit drinking, I’d probably break down in tears myself.


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