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Jeremy Clarkson Named “Wolf Of Chipping Norton” As Neighbours Are Furious With Him After Trail Of Disaster Behind Tractor

Jeremy Clarkson has been named the “Wolf Of Chipping Norton” after a night of harvesting ends in disaster for his neighbours. It turns out that the driving of his huge Lamborghini tractor after a very long day on Diddly Squat Farm and filming for Clarkson’s Farm isn’t the best thing to do, as neighbours complain about damage caused by the presenter.

He’d knocked over and damaged several bins, and “completely destroyed a five-bar gate” during the harvesting of his crops. Jeremy, who wrote about what happened, said that he was unaware of the damage he’d caused until he woke up the next day and “everyone” was comparing him to the Wolf of Wall Street character who famously caused damage during a drive home in his Lamborghini Countach.


Jeremy wrote about the night in a column for the Sunday Times, where he also noted the issues with the harvest.

“I’m very bad at it. Kaleb, my tractor driver, says he can’t watch when I’m doing it and that I’m a … w … ell, let’s say a lot of my seed falls on fallow ground and you’ll get the gist of his observation.”

Jeremy still assures us that he is enjoying the farming:

“Despite the difficulties and the concentration and the endless tellings-off, though, I love whizzing back and forth. 

“I love the wildlife you see. I clocked some English partridges in one field and in another an albino fallow stag. 

“And then after dark I could see the lights from all my neighbours’ machinery as they rushed to get their harvest in before the rain as well. 

“It all feels very important, somehow, to be making food.”

When Jeremy returned from the nightmare harvest he was asked by girlfriend Lisa Hogan how it went as she was awoken by the Grand Tour presenter at 2 am:

“All of us, though, were forced to stop by rising moisture at two in the morning and when I climbed between the sheets, all dusty and manly, I got a murmured ‘How did it go?’ from the other side of the bed. ‘Very well,’ I said before entering the land of nod.”

Clarkson’s Girlfriend’s Son Scared That He’d Kill The Grand Tour Presenter Upon Realising He’d Spread It To Him

Unfortunately, this wasn’t as true as Jeremy initially thought as he woke to complaints:

“The next morning, however, it seemed that it hadn’t gone so well because somehow I’d knocked all three of the bins over, spilling rubbish everywhere and breaking them. 

“And I’d completely destroyed a five-bar gate. I don’t remember doing any of it. 

“Literally I thought I’d got home without a scratch. 

“Maybe that’s why everyone is now calling me the Wolf of Chipping Norton,” the ex-top Gear presenter joked.

He finished with a joke about how he has plenty to complain about now, being a farmer: “But it’s not the end of the world because it was a very happy day and now I have something new to moan about.”

Alex Harrington

Alex started racing at a young age so certainly knows his way around a car and a track. He can just about put a sentence together too, which helps. He has a great interest in the latest models, but would throw all of his money at a rusty old French classic and a 300ZX. Contact: [email protected]

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  1. Jeremy me and my daughter think your brill mate, not afraid to try something new, a lot of people are stuck in their ways, haven’t got the confidence, short sighted in life. Your trying something out your conform zone. How would it be if all the explorers, scientists, and other people said I can’t do that. What a world we would live in mate.
    Love your trials a tribulations it’s apart of life. Those people who sound negative..You have to fee sorry for them.
    Good on ya mate your so inspirational in all you do. Keep it up. Me and our lass talk about having a small holding, I would love a tractor who wouldn’t.
    Great job mate, love all the guys in the series, you can’t beat Yorkshire folk mate.
    All the best Steve

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