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Jeremy Clarkson On Clarkson’s Farm: “It’s Just So Hard To Know What To Do Next”

It’s been no secret that Jeremy Clarkson is struggling as his farming business is expanding. Now, he’s told his Twitter followers that he’s sent a video to the government in a bid to address these issues.

Over the last couple of years, the Clarkson’s Farm presenter has tried to expand his farm by building on his land to not only improve his customers’ experience, but to also fix issues that were brought up by a number of his Chadlington neighbours. The main issue to those who lived near Diddly Squat Farm was the increased footfall and traffic. And while you’d expect an increased footfall around a village to only be a good thing thanks to more public spending and interest, Chadlington locals haven’t taken kindly to this.

Calling Jeremy’s shop an “eyesore”, they’ve complained of cars also parking on the sides of roads, so in order to combat this, Jeremy applied for planning permission to build a 60-space car park. This, as expected, was rejected by the local council, with a local sending the following letter:

“If the Farm Shop was loyal to selling local farm produce, the small car park is appropriate.

“Alas, the shop is already selling souvenirs, that attract large number of buyers from all corners of the UK.

Now, after almost all of Jeremy’s attempts at building his business, or “diversifying” as the government has told farmers to do, he has sent a video message to “Number 10”.


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He said the following:

“Hi, I’m Jeremy Clarkson and in the next parliament, I’d like to see the government prioritizing farming.

“We’ve been asked to diversify and when we try to do that, the local authorities tell us we can’t, that needs addressing.”

Some of his almost 8 million followers on Twitter were keen to respond, with the official Twitter account of the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson responding:

“Thanks for this Jeremy, the PM has seen this and his response is incoming.”

Another added: “Hi Jezza. Tell Chippy council that I said your car park is shit and you need a new one,” in which Jeremy replied: “It’s not Chipping Norton council. They’re fine. It’s West Oxfordshire District Council. And they’re not.”

“Can confirm, utterly useless in every way,” the famous gaming YouTuber BlackPanthaa added.

Jeremy also agreed with a user to reckoned the “plan is a one world order. Isn’t it stupidly obvious by now? Here in the Netherlands, they are ACTIVELY attempting to disown farmers off their lands.”

“That’s been happening here too,” Jeremy agreed.

Another added that these issues are down to the Minister for Agriculture:

“We’ve a gutless, aimless Minister for Agriculture who doesn’t seem particularly aware. It’s either that or he’s just bowing down to brexit losers hell bent on screwing everything anyone has ever worked for.”

“It’s just so hard to know what to do next,” Jeremy replied.

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