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Jeremy Clarkson On The Surprising Reason He Started Clarkson’s Farm

According to Jeremy Clarkson, Diddly Squat Farm was purchased for a variety of reasons before it became famous in the Amazon Prime show Clarkson’s Farm. The financial crisis of 2008 forced the previous farmer to sell the land, according to The Grand Tour presenter, making it an appealing investment opportunity. He also acquired the farm because you don’t have to pay death duties on land specifically.

He told The Times the following: “That’s the critical thing.

“So rather than just have money in the bank, and get a statement with numbers written on it that gives no one any pleasure at all, you could derive a great deal of pleasure and pass it on to your children.”

Until two years ago, a farmer named Howard ran the farm, but when he retired, Clarkson took over and his exploits became the internationally renowned.

The presenter persuaded his partner, Lisa Hogan, to start the extremely lucrative Diddly Squat Farm Shop. For the past five years, Clarkson has been seeing Lisa and remarked that establishing her firm was a chance to relocate her life from London.

“I think Jeremy wanted me to move down here full-time,” she told fans.

“But if he’d said that to me I might have just said no.

“I said I would do it but I want to be able to do what I want to do in it.”

The farm shop has been making waves with locals after it became incredibly popular with fans, causing thousands of cars to invade the roads of Chadlington. This, alongside further plans for expansion, has angered neighbours.

The shop was reportedly making £1,000 a day simply selling potatoes from the farm.

“It makes a fair bit,” Hogan reveals.

With Jeremy now releasing a book alongside the show, as well as a a number of new products such as gin like his fellow Grand Tour presenter James May, he’ll be making as much as possible from his farming endeavour.

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