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Jeremy Clarkson On Twitter: A List Of The Grand Tour Presenter’s Most Controversial Tweets

Jeremy Clarkson has had his fair share of controversial moments in the past, but The Grand Tour host’s blunt and brash demeanor is what we love about him anyways. What little controversial issues he has had in the past still got through the BBC’s fun-killing editors. However, on Twitter, there is no censorship and we get the real Jeremy Clarkson. Below are the top 10 most controversial tweets from the man himself.


To be honest, we all have an American Airlines story, but this tweet sparked outrage all over the internet. People asked why? We all have to remember that the trio does fly a lot more than the average person, so they would be considered the experts on this issue.


Jeremy Clarkson calling someone a bit bonkers is nothing new. Some say Sinead O’Connor started the “shave your head then tank your career movement” that was later adopted by stars like Brittany Spears. This tweet, although controversial, was mostly agreed with.


This is actually not the first time Jeremy Clarkson has called for someone’s execution. In the past, Clarkson said we should line up all the Union workers that are striking and shoot them, while claiming he actually has to go to work. However this time it was the inventor of pay by phone parking that needed to be executed.


This tweet really sparked outrage with fans vowing to never watch the show again and saying that Jeremy showed no respect. They were, to say the least, disappointed with his behaviour. Some said that he should work a police shift and go to a few wrecks to see what it’s really like. New show idea?


This is not the first time somebody has commented on James Corden’s hair… and it probably won’t be the last! Fans said make-up artists are artists, not miracle workers.


Clarkson took calling somebody out to a whole new level by tweeting out their number plate. Imagine being this driver and having Jeremy Clarkson calling your driving “monumentally dildonic.”


This time Clarkson slammed the BBC News for doing what he has done many times over the years with Top Gear and The Grand Tour. Fans were quick to point out that Clarkson would OFTEN interview people in the crowd which is exactly the same as what the BBC was doing. Clarkson replied to these statements by saying it was for “comedic effect” and that he “had no interest at all in what they had to say.”

This is completely wrong, as I shall now prove. Jeremy Clarkson claimed that he “had no interest at all in what they had to say.” It hardly felt like that on the last episode of The Grand Tour when he literally asked the audience “anyone out there got fond memories?” Which opened up several very emotional minutes of banter and reminiscing between Clarkson and the audience. I’m sorry, but you can’t possibly argue that he had “no interest” in what they were saying. See the video below:


Clarkson came under fire for mocking the Tufty Club.


In the wake of COVID-19 Clarkson slammed the BBC News for not covering the news how he thought it should be covered. Claiming they were focusing on The Wall more than they should have been.


And now the number one most controversial Tweet from Jeremy Clarkson isn’t a tweet at all. Clarkson released this apology video when a video surfaced of him allegedly murmuring the n-word. Clarkson said he was “mortified by this… horrified. It is a word I loathe.”

When reviewing the Toyota GT-86 and the Subaru BRZ, Clarkson ended up choosing which car is best by using the well-known rhyme “eenie meenie miney mo.” However, there is also a well-known version of this rhyme containing a racial slur. Clarkson said that in the playback of the 3 takes it sounded like he said the racial slur.

Here are some honorable mentions!

Jeremy Clarkson describes some of the difficulties that lorry drivers have to deal with every day. It’s tough.

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