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Jeremy Clarkson Pays Tribute To Ukraine With Heart-Breaking Top Gear Throwback

Jeremy Clarkson has paid tribute to Ukraine with a throwback to a famous Top Gear episode as Russia continues to invade the country. 

Top Gear’s trip through Ukraine was one of its most memorable and famous special episodes in the show’s history. Not only did they drive through Chernobyl, a dangerous part of the country due to radiation leaks, but it spawned several memes like the one below:

Fans watched along as Jeremy, Richard Hammond, and James May drove their chosen hatchbacks across the country, only to find out they were to drive through Chernobyl, the home of a powerplant which caused a nuclear disaster in 1986. It has since been evacuated and the clean up is still being carried out. 

But during the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, a strategy employed by the country was to take Chernobyl, with it being a good way of giving troops access to Ukraine. On hearing this news, Jeremy posted the following to his Instagram account:

“It was sad then. It’s even sadder now,” The Grand Tour presenter wrote alongside a photo of him standing in the deserted city of Chernobyl with a dosimeter around his neck. 

Fans showed their support of the post as over 6,000 posted comments of agreement. 

We outlined the show’s travels through Ukraine, so when the country is back on its feet and you want to explore the greatest parts – of which it has many – click below to follow the Top Gear road trip. 

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