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Jeremy Clarkson: Petition Launched For Grand Tour Presenter To Become London Mayor

Years after a petition was launched asking for Jeremy Clarkson to take the role of Prime Minister, now a similar petition has been published asking for The Grand Tour presenter to be named the Mayor of London in May 2024. But despite it currently being very small, we would be doing you a disservice if we weren’t to make you aware of it.

Started by Andrzej Fryzicki, he notes a number of issues plaguing the lives of London-goers, the main being road and traffic issues. There “is a man, one man, who can change this,” the petition writes. “His name: JEREMY CLARKSON.”

“The London road & traffic system is in a mess. 20mph speed limits imposed on some main roads and dual carriageways wide enough to land a small aircraft make no sense, and not only contribute to higher pollution but, add virtually nothing toward safety.

“Bicycle lanes are a hindrance on narrow streets and lead to congestion causing further polluting by squeezing traffic and ‘bicycle only’ access routes can be a dangerous obstacle by impeding emergency vehicles. The uLEZ charge is a tax under the guise of improving air quality and the Central London congestion charge is costing the retail & hospitality industry a fortune in lost custom.

“However, the is a man, one man, who can change all this. His name: JEREMY CLARKSON. If he were to become the Mayor of London he would solve all of these problems & make London smile again.. And, if he were lacking in experience at tackling other issues such as knife crime or policing, he would no doubt surround himself with people who would advise him, much in the same way as he does on his farm.

“So we, the undersigned, petition Jeremy Clarkson to run for Mayor of London on May 2, 2024. Go on Jeremy. We know you want to..!”

At the same time, yet another petition has been started asking for the Clarkson’s Farm presenter to take the place of the British monarchy.

Jeremy isn’t a fan of mayor Sadiq Khan, previously calling him a “tool” in 2020.

“Never mind America. When can we get rid of the tool @SadiqKhan?” he posted to Twitter.

Fancy seeing Jeremy in charge of London roads? Let us know in the comments.

Alex Harrington

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