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Jeremy Clarkson Reacts To UK Road Law Changes: “Seriously?”

Jeremy Clarkson has condemned the “crazy” change in driving laws that will be implemented on Friday. The new regulation coming in is to stop drivers from playing with and using their phones while behind the wheel of a car, so even touching pause on your music app might result in a £200 penalty.

Under these strengthened rules, those who break them by scrolling or taking selfies or playing games while driving may face fines and six points on their license. Hands-free calling and using a phone for sat-nav will still be permitted. There will also be an exception for road users to use their phones to pay for takeaways at drive-thrus and to pay tolls on the road.

Jeremt Clarkson however, doesn’t agree with these new rules.

Writing for the Sun, he said the following:

”A new rule means you are not even allowed to touch your mobile telephone when you are behind the wheel. Even if you’re in a traffic jam.

“Seriously? If your random playlist decides to fill the car with Arctic Monkey noises and you really aren’t in the mood, you are no longer allowed to swipe the screen to make it stop.

“Are the people who write these laws mad? Because almost all human beings are capable of doing two things at the same time.

“Men can read a newspaper while on the loo. Women can have sex with their husbands while thinking about Brad Pitt.

“So why are we no longer allowed to change a music track while sitting in a traffic jam?

“What’s next? Will we be told that if we want to turn the heating up a bit in the car, we will have to find a lay-by and pull over?

“And will there be a new offence of driving while thinking about Abbey Clancy?”

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