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Jeremy Clarkson Reflects On His Time In Lockdown With Girlfriend Lisa Hogan

Speaking in his latest column for The Times, Jeremy has revealed how he and his girlfriend, Lisa Hogan, have been coping during the lockdown at their Chipping Norton home, including going back to basics including growing vegetables and chopping down trees.

However, as great as that all sounds, it isn’t quite as easy as it seems as Jeremy so eloquently put:

“Alan Titchmarsh recently said that all plants want to grow, saying ‘It’s just up to us not to get in the way’. That, Alan, is b*****ks. Lisa loved the idea of growing vegetables on the basis that all the work was done by a little man from the village and all she had to do on a summer’s evening was wander around with a watering can and a trow.”

He admitted that in reality, Lisa probably can’t wait get back to their London lifestyle:

“But because she’s now been exposed to the brutal reality of full-on vegetable farming, I suspect that 90 minutes after the restaurants reopen, she will be in Sloane Square.”

Elsewhere on his Oxfordshire estate, Jeremy had taken delivery of his all new (and most likely very powerful) chainsaw, something I can only imagine he was getting very excited about. Sadly, this excursion was not as easy as it seemed as Jermey’s inexperience came into play, he got too hot and struggled to operate the chainsaw properly:

“It is terrifying. You know that at any moment the chain will come off and sever your head. So you set off very gingerly towards the tree that needs surgery. And soon you will fall into a badger sett that you hadn’t seen because of all the nettles,” as he hinted manually cutting down trees was not his forte.”

It all sounds like a pretty great way to spend the lockdown if you ask me!

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