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Jeremy Clarkson Responds To Angry Fans About Grand Tour Madagascar Release Date

It’s safe to say fans of The Grand Tour are getting more impatient by the minute as they wait for the next episode, set in Madagascar, to be released. It’s been known for months that the episode is filmed in its entirety and fully edited by The Grand Tour team, and is now sat in Amazon’s hands ready for the button to be pressed.

What’s even more infuriating for fans is the fact that IMDB, an Amazon-owned website that hosts details on films and series, published the release date for the Madagascar Special as September 4th. It was later confirmed to us by The Grand Tour’s PR team that this was a mistake, and the date was eventually taken down.

Less than a month later it was found that upon asking Amazon’s voice AI Alexa when The Grand Tour Madagascar Special was going to be released, it would answer with the date, December 11, 2020. This, again, was confirmed to us as being incorrect.

So now it’s obvious that fans of the car show turned travel show are getting fed up, with some even threatening to cancel their Amazon Prime subscriptions. But now some are getting seemingly aggressive when asking questions on Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May’s social sites. A recent question from a user on Instagram sparked almost 200 replies from fans when they asked Jeremy Clarkson the following:

Dude, where is my f***ing episode from Madagascar?”

The post got almost 3,000 likes, forcing a response from the presenter:

“Ask Amazon,” he replied simply.

The thread of replies is now filled with more questions about the release date, the tagging of Amazon Prime, and rather grotesque language as fans start to get to the edge of their patience. You can find the comment thread by clicking through the embedded post below:

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