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Jeremy Clarkson Responds To Angry Fans But The Onslaught Keeps On Coming

Jeremy Clarkson has responded to someone on Twitter after they called out the Clarkson’s Farm presenter for him writing that he’d stamp on a badger’s head. This comes after he wrote a column for the Sunday Times on how he feels differently about different animals, causing outrage as readers complained about his writing.

While Jeremy “truly love[s] animals”, he admits that he loves eating meat, but being a lover of animals on a farm can leave you with mixed feelings. “I would happily shoot a grey squirrel — and have — but could not even break a whisker on its red cousin,” he wrote.

“I wouldn’t hurt an otter but would happily stamp repeatedly on the head of a badger,” he added.But this line angered fans immensely who were quick to take to Twitter to publish their thoughts.

“If Jeremy Clarkson had given an interview to the Daily Express stating he would happily stamp on head of a dog or cat the nation would be in uproar, but he has said that about badgers which is also illegal act that could put him in prison,” one user wrote, tagging the presenter in their tweet.

But Clarkson, who is used to this type of response to his columns, was quick to reply.

“It’d be better if you did a tiny bit of research before Tweeting,” he wrote. “It was a column in the Sunday Times. Read it. You may learn something.”

This didn’t seem to quell the complaints The Grand Tour presenter was receiving however, with him receiving several more on this tweet alone.

“I’ve read it and you said it. Being loose with words when you have a large following means many will take them literally, ‘if Jeremy does it I should too’, despite what is written in The Protection of Badgers Act 1992 regarding intentional cruelty,” one said.

Another added:

“Research or not, Jeremy, you still said that you would stamp on a badger’s head. This is inhumane and illegal.”

A third noted:

“Fair enough, but the fact it was your weekly paid column rather than a throw away quote in an interview, hardly makes it better Jeremy. Badgers are persecuted enough, they don’t need your vitriol as well even if helps increase your readership.”

You can read the full column from Jeremy on The Sunday Times by clicking here.

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