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Jeremy Clarkson Responds To Complaints Over Grand Tour Safety

The latest episode of The Grand Tour was released on Friday on Prime Video. The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick showed the trio, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and, Richard Hammond, gallivanting around snowy Norway in rally cars.

News of James May’s horrendous crash was leaked earlier last month and with fans now seeing this fully for the first time in the episode, many are questioning the safety measures in place.

May suffered the crash when the hosts were challenged with driving as fast as they could through a tunnel which had lights on a sensor, so it only lit up as they drove through it. This meant that May braked too late and collided at high-speed with the wall at the end of the tunnel.

Viewers could see May’s head smash against the side of the car. May was taken to hospital immediately for scans and later in the episode they revealed that he had broken his rib.

One fan took to Twitter to question why there were no airbags in the Mitsubishi which May crashed. Clarkson was quick to respond to explain that the airbags in all of the cars have to be deactivated due to the cameras that are in the cars.

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