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Jeremy Clarkson Responds To Greta Thunberg Backlash

Jeremy Clarkson, The Grand Tour presenter, has admitted that he’s landed himself in “a spot of bother” after he insulted Greta Thunberg, as he brands her “angry” and “weird”, adding that she should have a “smacked bottom”.

Calling her an “annoying little bucket of ego” last week, the ex-Top Gear presenter came under fire when readers thought he was being insulting of the young activist. Some even branded the presenter “creepy”.

Despite this, Jeremy Clarkson “stands by” his comments, and even adds to them saying that she “spent most of her school life outside the classroom” protesting, adding, again asking for “someone to smack her bottom and send her to her room.”

He goes on to imagine that Greta will eventually have “packed it in” and will eventually own a “Volvo” and will “turn the central heating up” like those “angry rock stars from the Seventies”.

He continued: “There they all were screaming and bellowing about the Vietnam War and the Tories and the need for greater equality.

“And where are they now? Driving their Range Rovers round their trout lakes, that’s where,” he penned.

Twitter user Rick Cross called out the Clarkson’s Farm presenter: “What riles the old men is that deep down they know that Greta is the grown up and they are the naughty boys who should long ago have learned to take responsibility and make a useful contribution to society!”

Another user followed up: “What is it about Greta Thunberg that makes all old guys get angry and defensive?

“Brilliant to see so many young people in Glasgow caring about this planet.”

Greta launched into a harsh attack of the COP26 delegates at the conference last week, claiming that summit leaders were only “pretending” to address the climate emergency.

Greta spoke to the crowd outside the event: “Inside COP, there’s just politicians and people in power pretending to take our future seriously, pretending to take the present seriously of the people already affected today by the climate crisis.

“Change is not going to come from inside there, that is not leadership. This is leadership.”

“We’re sick and tired and we’re going to make the change, whether they like it or not,” she continued.

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  1. Why can’t the young see how far we have come and celebrate! If our generation did nothing about pollution, it would be would a whole lot worse than it is now. We can always do better, but it does not happen overnight, Greta!
    Look at the history of the earth glaciers have melted mother nature is in charge here and we can assist but not control.

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